What’s the Least Satisfying Jeep Model of 2023, According to Consumer Reports?

Consumer Reports’ predicted reliability ratings for vehicles are useful for making purchasing decisions. But the consumer site also assesses owner satisfaction through its annual member survey. CR asks real-life car owners questions about their experiences with their vehicles, how they feel about them, if their vehicles meets their needs, and if they would recommend these models to others. One SUV on Consumer Reports’ list of the 10 least satisfying vehicles of 2023 is the Jeep Compass. Here’s why this compact crossover received this dubious distinction.

How Consumer Reports determines owner satisfaction

Throught its annual surveys, Consumer Reports gathers information from members about their vehicles to determine how happy they are with them. 

The surveys poll consumers who have owned a given vehicle for a defined period. Owners are asked about how satisfied overall they are with the vehicle and if they would recommend it to other consumers.

The survey might also ask respondents about characteristics such as ease of use, features, performance, and reliability. In addition, owners may be asked if they find the vehicle to be of good value for the money. 

Consumer Reports also asks about known problems with the vehicle, including their frequency and severity. Survey takers might also answer whether they’ve received good customer support and if the vehicle meets their needs.

CR uses the survey data to determine an overall satisfaction rating for the vehicle. The information also helps Consumer Reports analysts calculate predicted reliability ratings to help consumers make informed buying decisions.

The 2023 Compass is the least satisfying Jeep model this year

2023 Jeep Compass: Consumer Reports least satisfying Jeep of 2023
2023 Jeep Compass | Stellantis

Consumer Reports recently published its annual list of the 10 least satisfying vehicles of 2023. Despite Jeep’s popularity, one of its SUVs landed in the roundup. Only 46% of survey respondents said they would buy a Jeep Compass again. This compact crossover earned a below-average rating in predicted reliability and a poor owner satisfaction rating.

That’s despite the 2023 Jeep Compass boasting a new powertrain with a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine harnessing 200 hp. All-wheel drive is now standard. And it handles well despite some body lean when cornering.

However, Car and Driver reviewers believe Jeep put affordability above overall space. The interior of the Jeep Compass is practical and comfortable for four adult passengers, even on long trips. The back seat is not the roomiest in its class, but it’s also not the tiniest. 

The Compass also doesn’t lead in its class in cargo capacity. It provides space for some luggage on the way to the airport but not enough for a longer trip.

Overall, the 2023 Jeep Compass is middling at best.

Other least satisfying vehicles of 2023 according to Consumer Reports owner surveys


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Four vehicles on the list performed worse than the 2023 Jeep Compass in owner satisfaction.

Only 40% and 39% of owners would be willing to buy the Mercedes-Benz GLA and GLB again. Although the GLA performed decently on Consumer Reports’ road test, like the Jeep Compass, the luxury SUV received a below-average predicted reliability rating and a poor owner satisfaction rating. The GLB scored higher on the road test than the GLA, but it also earned a below-average predicted reliability rating and a poor owner satisfaction rating.

Likewise, the Infiniti QX50 makes the list. Only 40% of owners said they’d buy this luxury SUV again. It earned a decent road test score but an average predicted reliability rating and a poor owner satisfaction score.

Last on the list is the Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport, with only 38% of owners willing to buy it again.