The 3 Least Reliable 2022 Electric SUVs According to Consumer Reports

EVs are one of the fastest-growing segments. Americans will soon have far more options as every new car on the market will be an EV. That’s why it can be helpful for car shoppers to use a site like Consumer Reports. It gives folks a look at how a car performs, how satisfying it is to own, and how reliable it can be. Here’s a look at the three least reliable 2022 electric SUVs plagued with issues. 

1. The Tesla Model Y EV

According to Consumer Reports, the Tesla Model Y may be one of the most popular electric SUVs on the market right now. Still, it does not have an excellent predicted reliability score. Like many other Teslas, the Model Y suffers from a long list of reliability problems. As a result of those issues, the Model Y has the worst possible score for its predicted reliability rating.

Ever since the Model Y debuted in the 2020 model year, the EV has received some poor reliability scores from Consumer Reports. It got better with the 2021 model, but not by much. Just like any other EVs, the Model Y’s powertrain is as reliable as there are not many moving parts in an electric motor.  

The Model Y falls short in terms of its reliability for things like its climate system, paint and trim, and body integrity. The good news is that in some of those categories, such as its paint and trim, the Model Y received abysmal reliability scores in the 2020 model year, but it improved a lot in the 2021 model year.

2. The Audi e-tron

An Audi e-tron, an EV, charging.
Audi e-tron charging | Getty Images

According to Consumer Reports, the e-tron was another electric SUV with poor reliability scores. That being said, only one model year of this Audi EV has any reliability history, and it was the 2019 model year. As such, it’s tough to say how reliable a more modern e-tron will be. However, this model year of the e-tron got a lot of poor reliability scores. 

The e-tron has serious reliability problems with its major and minor parts. For example, its transmission has some significant reliability issues, according to Consumer Reports. The e-tron’s in-car electronics also received a very poor reliability score. Taken together, the e-tron’s reliability problems make it the second least reliable electric SUV on the market, but there’s one EV that’s less reliable than this Audi.

3. The Tesla Model X EV

According to Consumer Reports, the least reliable electric SUV is the Model X. Just like other Teslas; the Model X has a history of low-reliability scores. But unlike the Model Y, it also has many model years to look at due to its age. Unfortunately for Model X owners, it’s consistently had poor reliability scores for multiple model years.

Since it debuted in 2016, this Tesla SUV’s reliability rating has dipped and has not gotten better since. It also had reliability problems in multiple categories, including its electric motors in the 2018 model year.

Some of the Model X’s problems have persisted for every model year that Consumer Reports looked at. This was the case for its suspension, as it has poor reliability ratings for all model years. Of course, the Model X also has minor issues with things like its paint and trim or in-car electronics.

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