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Honda is the king of the economy car market. They have been for some time. The word “Civic” is a simile for economy car. Now, Honda has another great way for you to save some money and get into a great new crossover. Even with the atrocious used and new market, this lease deal promises you a way around that until things settle down. Best of all, it’s not going to cost an arm and a leg, as is typical of the Japanese brand.

The Honda HR-V is a killer crossover

A white Honda HR-V on display in Vienna
A Euro-spec HR-V | Manfred Schmid via Getty Images

Frankly, the lease deal isn’t even the best part of this whole thing. We’ll get to that in a minute. Honda offers the HR-V in both front and all-wheel-drive variants, and while each is a no-cost option on the brand’s website, the drivetrain does affect the terms of the lease slightly. That said, it’s best to pick the all-wheel HR-V for a little more peace of mind in adverse conditions.

The interior of the HR-V isn’t a bad place to be, and plenty of choices for the interior furnishings are available, including some nice tech upgrades like Android Auto and Apple Carplay. But the real benefit here is practicality. The HR-V manages to hold much more cargo than its appearance leads you to believe. Flat-folding seats help with this, as do the flippable bottom seat cushions, which allow for even more carrying capacity.

Good car, better deal

The interior of the Honda HR-V
2019 HR-V Sport | Honda

Onto the lease deal. Like most leases, you’ll need to put a little money down before Honda will hand you the keys to your new HR-V. This is where the pricing difference in trim levels come in. Front-driven models will need $2,699 down and all-wheel drive HR-V’s require $3,199 down.

Payment periods stay the same for both, thankfully. The lease length is 36 months; fairly standard terms in that regard. Now for the important bit: payments. The front-wheel drive HR-V LX will run you a mere $159 a month. So too, will the all-wheel drive model. The only difference between the two is the amount due at signing. What’s more, the deal is being run nationally by Honda, so no need to go hunting around any further than your local dealership.

Is it worth the money?

The split rear seats of the HR-V
2019 HR-V Sport | Honda

It seems this lease deal is certainly worth it on a lot of fronts. Leasing now can spare you the lunacy of the current auto market climate, without having to lock yourself into a long-term solution like a loan. Additionally, a lease helps you skip out on the depreciation common in newer vehicles. The money works out too. The HR-V is a fantastic crossover for the money, with great practical features and fun styling. Leasing may not be for everyone, but this offer is certainly one to consider if a lease is for you.


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