Leaked: The Mustang Mach I Returns In 2021

One of the most revered names in Mustang’s past will finally be revived in 2021. Leaked via a dealer VIN decoder guide the Mustang Mach I package will be back. It has been rumored for years that Ford would revive the Mach I again. Since it will also be cranking out its Mach E Mustang EV we guess Ford decided to wait until it could be more confusing. Can you imagine someone ordering a Mach E and having a Mach I delivered or vice versa? While there are no details about what the Mach I package will be, let’s take an educated guess. 

The Mustang Mach I returns as a replacement for either the Bullitt or GT350

Mustang Bullitt

The Mach I will replace either the limited-edition Bullit or Shelby GT350 models in 2021. We know this is the last year for both. The Bullitt is an upgraded GT package with the GT350’s intake manifold and the GT350 is a GT350. Either is good for an additional 20 more horsepower over the standard GT. With both models model caput, Ford could breathe a little on this engine to give it an extra 10 hp or more and continue cranking out Bullitts/GT350s called Mach Is.

A stripe kit and possibly a couple of unique colors will probably also be part of the package. Most of these Mach I-type packages give some sort of hint or even yell out from mountaintops it is a special-edition. From spy photos in January, we know the front end gets revised. At the rear larger exhaust tops and a new aerodynamics package and diffuser were also evident. 

The same goes for the interior. Ford has a bunch of parts and pieces it can group together to make the package unique and desirable. 

The last Mach I was in 2004

2004 Ford Mustang Mach I | Ford

Ford last built a Mach I for the 2003-2004 model years. This package was shoehorned between the GT and SVT Cobra. Externally the Mach I was distinguished by black body accents and a shaker hood scoop like the original. 

Besides the Mach I reappearing the Shelby GT500 looks like it will be back. Only one engine is shown as being available; the 5.2-liter flat-plane crank V8. This bit of news reinforces the apparent demise of the GT350 for 2021. We’re sorry to see the GT350 go but we welcome the return of the Mach I. 

Another new Mustang besides the Mach brothers will be the hybrid version. This is a first for the brand. So there will be plenty for Mustang to trumpet over the next year or so before the all-new Mustang arrives in 2022 as a 2023 model. 

Will the coronavirus shutdown affect the Mach I rollout?

A lime green 2020 Ford Mustang driving down a race track.
2020 Ford Mustang | Ford

This new Mustang will be based on the 2020 Explorer/Aviator CD6 platform. The only fly in the ointment could be the coronavirus shutdown. This could affect new launches as we’re already seeing from GM. 

The Bronco was to have already been unveiled and that plan has been shelved. So all of this will depend on how long the coronavirus lasts and how long it takes to crank up assembly lines. With F150s being the cash cow all of Ford’s priorities will revolve around it first. As with many things in this weird Twilight Zone we are in we’ll have to wait and see.