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News has leaked that there will be a Lexus version of the Toyota GR86/Subaru BRZ coupe. But it won’t share the looks of those two siblings. It will have its own widebody and share LC500 looks shrunk down. 

This smaller coupe would expand the Lexus RC and LC coupe family

Small Lexus coupe proposal
Speculation of small Lexus coupe | spyder7

Lexus currently has both the LC and smaller RC coupes. This latest GR86-based model will be smaller, with the LC at the top and RC between the bookends. While the current GR86 is almost 168-inches long, the Lexus version is expected to be slightly longer at 177+ inches. 

Power will come from a 2.4-liter four-cylinder plus an electric motor plug-in hybrid. At this stage, it is unknown if a manual transmission will be offered. Inside, a new-generation multimedia system will be employed. The interior is also expected to use higher-quality materials in keeping with the Lexus reputation. 

Clean design and a prominent side diffuser are the small Lexus coupe’s highlights

2021 Toyota GR86 coupe rear 3/4 view
2021 Toyota GR86 coupe | Toyota

Information put together by the Japanese site spyder7 includes this rendering of what the new Lexus is expected to look like. Lexus cues have been added to the GR86/BRZ silhouette. The sides remain clean while a prominent diffuser aims air to the tires. 

Wheel openings are more prominent and a two-stage diffuser in front ties in with the hourglass Lexus grille. The headlights show a triple projector and an LED position lamp. There is enough deviation from the GR86/BRZ design to make for its own powerful look. 

Speculation of what the coupe will be called centers around “UC”

2021 Toyota GR86 coupe engine
2021 Toyota GR86 coupe | Toyota

There is also speculation that Lexus will call it “UC” to go with the LC and RC coupes. The “U” is said to stand for “urban” or city. At this stage, it is not known when the small Lexus coupe will make its debut. We would think that since the platform already exists that it would possibly show up this time next year as a 2023 model. 

Toyota and Subaru could only make a business case for the GR86/BRZ coupes by sharing development costs. But adding Lexus to the amortization of those costs reduces even more of Toyota’s exposure. In this time of truck and SUV domination, it is great seeing a new coupe on the horizon.


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