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Images intended for China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the 2024 Buick Electra E4 EV have been leaked. The Electra E4 comes on the heels of its larger E5 sibling. Both have been tested under heavy camouflage in and around Detroit, but these are the first clear photos of it uncovered. 

The Buick Electra E4 looks like the Electra-X concept car

Electra E4
2024 Buick Electra E4 EV SUV | GM

The Buick Electra E4 EV follows closely with the Electra-X concept seen last year. As most recent concept cars are based on early prototypes, this is to be expected. The main differences are minimal, with the integrated grille of the concept replaced with a more production fascia. 

Its headlights are slightly larger, while the taillights don’t go forward into the rear quarters as far as on the concept. Additionally, some minor trim has been added to the production version. Surprisingly, the flush door handles have been carried over to production E4s. Unfortunately, those large wheels of the concept did not make it. 

What powers the Buick Electra E4 EV?

Sizewise, the E4 is shorter than the E5, but is actually wider, and has the same wheelbase as the E5. That’s because both utilize GM’s Ultium battery platform, which will slowly be rolled out underpinning much of GM’s electric onslaught over the next few years. However, we will see variations in wheelbase for vehicles using the platform, but not so for the E4 and E5. Buick says there will be five new Ultium EVs released by 2025. 

Both a single electric motor and dual-motor variants will be offered. The single motor specs out at 180 kW for 241 hp. For the dual-motor E4, dubbed “GS,” harkening back to Buick’s high-performance 1960s, a motor in front and in the back gives it all-wheel-drive.

When will the E4 be available?

electra E4
2024 Buick Electra E4 EV SUV | GM

There is some question as to whether the Electra E4 will make it to our shores. While seeming like it would slot in between the E5 and a subcompact electric SUV, Buick might have other plans. Back in November, GM President Mark Reuss said the E4 would only be offered in China. 

What we know is that Buick has applied for trademarks for “Electra E1” to E9. Whether it will actually use all of the numerical identification isn’t known. It could be considering using, as an example, “E6” for a more powerful version of the E5. But as it is using the GS moniker for the dual-motor E4, that indicates Buick will use that designation for high-performance variants. 

Electra E4
2024 Buick Electra E4 EV SUV | GM

The Buick Electra EV: A More Stylish Tesla Cybertruck, but Only for China

So while we all ponder the differences between a potential E1 and E2, Buick says the Electra E4 will make it into Chinese showrooms later this year, according to Carnewschina. As for North American versions, we’ll have to wait and see. With Buick sales down over 40 percent last year, it would seem that it needs every model it can crank out, including Electra E4 EVs.