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All we can say is Tesla founder Elon Musk isn’t going to be happy about this. Former Tesla user interface designer Pawel Pietryka has left the company. In his wake, he’s dropped these amazing images of the Cybertruck along with full self-driving software. 

Tesla Cybertruck images were posted then immediately deleted

Since leaving Tesla Pietryka has started his own design company called Moderne Grafik Anstalt. Spelling English is not a design prerequisite. Anyway, to hype his new company he posted these Cybertruck images on his Linkedin account. Then he immediately deleted them. 

Cybertruck IU leak
Cybertruck IU leak | Moderne Grafik

But many including electrek snagged the images before they vanished. Thanks, electrek! As Pietryka was responsible for the user interface that means he was designing the in-car user interfaces for the touchscreens. So if you’ve ever driven or owned a Tesla you have been exposed to his work.

Tesla’s leaked Cybertruck user interface is below:

This quick video reveals the user interface for the Cybertruck. The prototype Cybertruck unveiled in November 2019, had a user interface but this shows a lot of what we couldn’t see. This may or may not be what the final product looks like. If not then this leads the path toward the final touch screen used. 

Source: Electrek

Here’s the full Self-Driving visualization:

Source: Electrek

Production visualizations will show realistic surroundings much more like these leaked images. Currently, the Beta version used in early Tesla releases does not. It will be updated before summer for current users.

These leaked Cybertruck images give us more than expected before its release

The Cybertruck won’t be released until 2022. Tesla is still saying maybe late this year but that is probably code for 2022. Still, it is far enough away that these leaked images give us more than we could have expected before the release. 

Cybertruck interface leaks
Tesla Cybertruck leaked images | Moderne Grafix

Pietryka had been with Tesla since 2016, having been Apple’s art director. He has been replaced at Tesla by Ben Cunningham, who was with Facebook before this. This just shows that there are plenty of bright minds that combine to make up a production vehicle. 


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