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A dark-green 2021 Genesis GV80 midsize SUV traveling on a dusty road through rolling green hills in Hudson Valley, New York

Lawsuit: 2021 Genesis GV80s Vibrate, Shudder, Veer Off the Road

A plaintiff in Maryland has filed a class-action lawsuit against Hyundai for numerous issues with her 2021 Genesis GV80. They include shaking, shuttering, and erratic lane changes. Her GV80 has spent over a month in dealership service departments in the less than three months of ownership.

Owners of the 2021 Genesis GV80 crossover have complained about vibrations, shuddering, and its ability to veer across lanes of traffic without warning. Now they have filed a class-action lawsuit over these alleged issues. The lawsuit claims the 2021 Genesis GV80 suffers from a litany of issues that may be causing these listed problems.

They include issues with the driveshaft, axle, and steering problems. It makes a point of saying that buyers paid $70,000 or more than $900 a month to lease their GV80. By pointing out the price it says the GV80 should not be prone to these issues, but we would argue that at any price new vehicles should not exhibit these problems. 

The lawsuit alleges Hyundai rushed the 2021 GV80 into production due to slumping sales

A Hyundai Genesis GV80 SUV is on display | VCG/VCG via Getty Images

The lawsuit continues that Hyundai allegedly knew about these issues all along according to CarComplaints. It points to the manufacturer stopping the distribution of the diesel-powered 2021 GV80s due to vibrations emanating from the diesel engine. But the lawsuit points out that Hyundai never addressed the instability issues they have encountered. It alleges Hyundai rushed the GV80 into production due to slumping sales.

A Maryland plaintiff is described as leasing a new 2021 Genesis GV80 this past February. She paid more than $900 a month through a lease. Right after purchasing the crossover she and her husband traveled 1,100 miles to Florida. 

The Genesis GV80 “began to dangerously shake, shudder, vibrate, and pull to the left.”

The green Genesis GV80 in front of an infinity mirror
The Genesis GV80 | Seong Joon Cho via Getty Images

Within a few hours into the trip, the 2021 GV80 “began to dangerously shake, shudder, vibrate, and pull to the left. This caused a continuous struggle to keep the SUV from veering off the road.” They were driving at 40 mph when the Genesis began exhibiting the problems. 

Once in Florida, they took the 2021 GV80 to a dealer. The dealer provided a loaner vehicle while they inspected the crossover. They told the Plaintiff there was something wrong with the GV80. 

But the vehicle got tied up at the dealer because Hyundai was attempting to replace an axle. The remedial work was not completed before the plaintiff and her husband needed to leave Florida so they had to catch a plane back to Maryland without the Hyundai.

The plaintiff was told “the problem had been solved and the car ran great”

A Genesis logo is displayed during a launch event for the Hyundai Motor Co. Genesis GV80 sport utility vehicle (SUV) | SeongJoon Cho/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Once the dealer completed the work they told the plaintiff “the problem had been solved and the car ran great.” Hyundai paid for the transport of the GV80 from Florida back to the Maryland owners. The first time the plaintiff drove the Hyundai she says it shook, vibrated, and pulled to the left as before. This would happen as the vehicle reached 45 mph. 

The plaintiff took the crossover to her local Maryland dealer. They told her it needed its driveshaft replaced. After the replacement, the vehicle was also aligned. 

By May 15, 2021, the GV80 was taken back to the dealer

A dark-green 2021 Genesis GV80 luxury midsize SUV on a white background
2021 Genesis GV80 | Genesis

After getting the GV80 back the plaintiff experienced the same vibration in the steering wheel and headrest, as well as shuddering while she drove it. By May 15, 2021, the Genesis was taken back to the dealer. At that time the plaintiff was told that a tire needed to be replaced. 

As of the June 13 filing, the dealer has not returned the GV80 to the plaintiff. “Combined with the prior service periods, Plaintiff has been without the SUV she leased for over 38 days during her 82 days of the lease period. To date, Plaintiff remains without her 2021 Genesis GV-80 SUV to her great detriment and inconvenience.”