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Warmer temperatures conjure thoughts of lazy days lounging by the pool and other outdoor activities. However, it also brings the sometimes arduous chore of cutting the grass. If you have a nice, flat, even yard, it can be cut pretty easily and quickly. However, if you have uneven terrain, you will have a more challenging time.

With the right equipment, you can get the job done more easily. Many of the lawn mowers on our list are electric, and for a good reason. Electric mowers run cleaner and are quieter than their gas-powered counterpart. Let’s take a look at five mowers that are well-suited for uneven terrain.

1. The Greenworks 21-Inch, 40V electric, self-propelled lawn mower for rough terrain

A person pushing a lawn mower, that could be across uneven ground.
Lawn mower | Getty Images

For a battery-powered mower, this one has the power to get through the roughest terrain.  According to Evergreen Seeds, the self-propelled rear-wheel-drive feature is great for uneven terrain, and the extra battery pack compartment will save you from walking back to the shed to switch it out. It even has a USB port that will charge your phone while mowing. 

2. The Black and Decker CM1640 40V MAX cordless rough ground mower

This electric mower is ideal for those with a smaller yard due to its 16-inch cutting width. It doesn’t have the self-propelled feature, but the lighter weight makes it easier to maneuver on uneven terrain. Another great feature is that the batteries are interchangeable with other Black and Decker battery-powered machines such as string trimmers, blowers, and other tools.

3. LawnMaster MEB1014K Electric Lawn Mower 15-Inch 11AMP mower for uneven ground

Here is another electric mower that makes the list. With one hand and a single motion, the cutting height adjustment leaver adjusts from 1-inch to 3-inches. It’s easier to tackle taller, tougher grass and move around on uneven terrain by raising the cutting blade height. It also features a handy folding feature that makes it easier to transport.

One major drawback is that this machine doesn’t have a battery. Instead, you are tethered by a regular 120V extension cord connected to a power outlet.

4. Yard Force 120V 2.5Ah x 2 Lithium-Ion 22″ 3-in-1 torque-sense mower for uneven terrain

If you have a bigger yard, this electric mower is for you. It has a 22-inch cut radius, and it has a self-propelled feature. It also has an impressive run time for an electric lawn mower lasting up to 100 minutes or more with both batteries fully charged. 

Torque-Sensing technology is an interesting and valuable feature of this machine. The Torque-Sense technology sensors relay data to the controller based on the thickness and height of the grass, adjusting how much power it puts out to match the job. This feature gives you extra torque when you need it to handle uneven terrain.

5. Troy Bilt 21-Inch 159cc gas mulching push walk behind lawn mower for hilly terrain

This is our only gas-powered option, and its 11-inch rear wheels provide excellent traction and high clearance when the terrain is uneven. However, it doesn’t have the self-propelled feature, which is handy when you have rough terrain. The large 21-inch cutting deck is a great feature for larger yards. It also features a long-running time due to its gas engine.


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When choosing a mower for your needs, you will need to consider the needs of your landscape and your own. If you suffer from mobility issues, a lightweight electric mower is an excellent alternative because it allows you to move the machine easily with less effort.