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Bugatti has created some of the most lavish and exclusive vehicles for more than a century. Though most people can only dream of owning one, the automaker finally produced a car we can all afford. The only catch is that it’s made for kids. And, unfortunately, it’s already sold out. Will there be more Bugatti kiddie cars? What should we expect from Bugatti next?

Bugatti’s kiddie car for the rich and famous

In just three short weeks, Bugatti sold out of its brand-new Baby II. According to Jalopnik, the $33,000 kid-sized car was designed in honor of Bugatti’s rich history.

A limited production run of 500 Baby IIs will hit luxurious driveways next year, but it only took three weeks for the waitlist to fill. There’s also a reserve waiting list, in case a buyer decides against the purchase. When Bugatti first went public with the idea, wealthy people everywhere couldn’t wait to get their hands on a little bit of nostalgic fun.

The Bugatti Baby II

Based on a tiny car that founder Ettore Bugatti made for his son in 1926, the Bugatti Baby II is a three-quarter-scale version of the Bugatti Type 35, reports Slash Gear. It can fit children perfectly, as well as some adults. The design is flawlessly historical, but also whimsical. Replicated from the original, the Baby II sits on eight-spoke wheels and a go-kart-like frame.

The Bugatti Baby II was designed with a modern, electric powertrain, lithium-ion batteries, and regenerative braking. Gages are just like what you’d find in the 1920s, but they display speed, battery level, and power instead. There’s a working handbrake, headlights, rearview mirror, and horn. Buyers can choose between three versions of the Baby II, explains Engadget. Depending on your weight and materials preferences, it can come with a composite body, one made of carbon fiber, or a hand-crafted aluminum one.

As far as driving the Baby II kiddie car is concerned, it’s both safe and fun. Handling options include Child Mode, which limits the car’s speed to 12 miles per hour or Adult Mode, which gets up to 28 miles per hour. According to Autoblog, the Baby II will also come with “Speed Keys” that can unlock additional power and disable speed limiters. Depending on the battery you choose, the Baby II can cruise for up to 20 miles.

What’s next for Bugatti

Earlier in 2019, Bugatti unveiled a one-of-a-kind car. Exclusively made for one person, the La Voiture Noire cost around $19 million. It may be the most expensive new car ever sold, reports CNN Business. Bugatti’s current 2019 Chiron starts at around $3 million and can put out a staggering 1500 hp.

According to Car and Driver, Bugatti’s newest supercar will be the 2020 Bugatti Divo, which will cost a shocking $5.8 million. But those are already sold out, too. But that’s not all Bugatti has been working on. The carmaker recently announced it would make a limited-edition car for about $9 million each. Only 10 Bugatti Centodieci will be made, designed to resemble the Bugatti EB110 of the ’90s.