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So you’re considering the Tundra and the Ram 1500, but wonder which has the better infotainment system? In 2019, Ram released the fifth generation of its half-ton pickup truck with a redesigned interior and segment-leading Uconnect infotainment system. Then for the 2022 model year, Toyota redesigned its Tundra half-ton truck, and the resulting infotainment system leaped ahead of the current Ram.

Screen size isn’t everything

Automakers like to brag about how large their infotainment screens are. They usually measure the main dashboard screen on its longest diagonal. While the Tundra does have the biggest screen in the segment, size isn’t everything.

The base model Ram 1500 has an 8-inch infotainment screen mounted horizontally. If you want to upgrade your Ram, you can opt for a 12-inch screen mounted vertically. When Toyota redesigned its Tundra, it blew Ram out of the water with an available 14-inch infotainment screen (8 inches comes standard).

Not only is the Tundra screen bigger than the Ram’s, it’s mounted horizontally. So the vertical Ram screen is essentially two separate units. The truck’s lower screen replaces its physical HVAC controls but can be used for various functions. But with its 14-inch screen in a landscape orientation, the Tundra keeps its physical HVAC controls.

Reviewers, such as Meyn Motor Group on YouTube, say that the Tundra’s software is snappier of the two systems. It is less likely to lag and very intuitive to use. Reaching all the way across the Tundra’s larger touch screen can be a stretch, but Toyota thoughtfully incorporated the click wheel and icons for its controls on the driver’s side.

The Tundra is also available with a fully digital gauge cluster. But beware, drivers are reporting these gauges going dead. Toyota recalled affected trucks and is fixing them with a software update, so make sure your dealer maintenance is up to date.

Toyota teamed up with JBL for the Tundra’s top-trim sound system

It has become very popular for automakers to pair up with high-end audio brands who then supply the speakers for top-trim sound systems. The automaker gets to put a snazzy badge on the speakers, and the audio brand sells speakers and gets some advertising.

Ram’s current upgraded audio system is a 9-speaker setup from Alpine. Reviewers consistently praise the audio system, so Toyota sought out its own partnership. Toyota landed on JBL. The high-end Tundra audio system is a 12-speaker JBL unit.

Meyn Motor Group also listened to both the Tundra and Ram sound systems. It concluded that the new JBL system in the Tundra is in a class of its own, outperforming everything else available in the pickup truck segment.

Let’s hope the sixth generation of the Ram 1500 gets the McIntosh sound system currently available in the Grand Wagoneer.

The new Toyota Tundra isn’t for everyone

The Toyota Tundra interior, with its 14-inch infotainment screen, may outdo the Ram 1500's.
2023 Toyota Tundra interior | Toyota

While the Toyota Tundra’s top infotainment screen and sound system outperform the Ram, other parts of the truck are divisive.

For the third-generation Tundra, Toyota got rid of the old naturally-aspirated V8. It now only makes this full-size truck with a twin-turbocharged V6. The V8 Ram, especially with the factory muffler upgrade, has an exhaust note many folks prefer.

Toyota also made some dramatic choices with the new Tundra’s interior. While it upgraded its available materials, it kept the shape of most interior elements squared-off. Some might even call it chunky. The resulting look is very work or outdoors-oriented, but not to everyone’s liking.

Next, find out whether Toyota copied the Ram 1500 or Ford F-150 with the Tundra or see how the two half-tons compare on-road and off-road in the video below: