The Latest GMC and Chevrolet Recall Might Just Steer You The Wrong Way

Many consumers buy a new car with the impression that the vehicle they are buying will be reliable and problem-free. The logic makes a decent amount of sense because owners can know for certain that their car will be properly maintained, and there isn’t any history for the vehicle for there to be a concern. It isn’t uncommon, however, for brand new cars to have some active recalls, even within the first few months of their release, but that doesn’t always reassure potential buyers. So, the new GMC and Chevrolet recall sounds like it should concern buyers and owners, too.

How many cars will be affected?

The new active recall is in regards to the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon from the model years 2015 and newer. According to Consumer Reports, as many as 60,000 vehicles will be affected by the recall, and while that isn’t nearly as bad as the Takata airbag recalls many owners have been plagued with for a seemingly endless amount of time, it is still a substantial number of vehicles affected.

A Chevy Colorado displayed at an auto show
A Chevy Colorado | Scott Legato/WireImage

What is the recall?

The recall itself affects the vehicle’s ability to steer — and that sounds pretty scary. In severe cases, the drivers may lose power steering, and while the lack of power steering isn’t a big deal for small, lightweight cars like the Lotus Elise, that isn’t the case for large, heavy trucks like the GMC Canyon and Chevy Colorado. This is caused by potential corrosion of the electrical connectors within the power steering system.

Not every GMC Canyon and Chevy Colorado from 2015 on will be affected by this recall, however, and owners or potential buyers can check quickly, easily (and for free) through the NHTSA safety app or the manufacturer’s website just using the car’s VIN.

2021 GMC Canyon sales have jumped thanks to this AT4 Off-Road- Performance Edition
2021 GMC Canyon AT4 Off-Road performance Edition | GMC

What should owners and buyers know?

While the recall affecting the power steering can sound intimidating, it shouldn’t deter potential buyers or startle current owners. Because recalls affect driver safety and are typically some type of manufacturer defect or fault, the costs of repairs or replacements are placed on the manufacturer, meaning owners don’t have to pay out of pocket to have these issues resolved. All it requires is a bit of time from the owner, and while that can be a bit annoying or inconvenient, it shouldn’t be a deal-breaker for these otherwise capable pickups.

A black 2021 Chevy Colorado Diesel LT driving down a highway road
The 2021 Chevy Colorado LT 4WD in action | Chevrolet

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