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In a report by Automotive News, we now know the cadence of electric vehicles coming from GM over the next several years. Both Cadillac and Buick will be the first to be all-electric. This is scheduled to be in 2030. So the last gas-powered vehicle coming out of the Cadillac division will be the 2026 Escalade SUV. By then, there will also be full-electric Escalades along with this last ICE version. 

GM’s other two divisions, Chevy and GMC, will see the production of ICE vehicles until demand dictates production is no longer profitable. It estimates that this will happen by 2035. But the exact year this finally happens will be fluid, “without a known end date,” according to Automotive News

What will Cadillac look like by 2025?

Future Cadillac
Future Cadillac Escalade | GM

So what will these new lineups from Cadillac and Buick look like? For Cadillac, the CT4, XT6, XT4, CT5, and XT5 will all be refreshed in 2023. Of course, the Lyriq will be a new model that year. 

The Escalade will get a refresh in 2024, but three new models will debut then, including a compact and large electric crossover. A new Escalade arrives in 2025, with the Lyriq seeing its first refresh. Two new electric sedans arrive in 2026, leaving the Escalade as the last Cadillac ICE vehicle. 

What will Buick look like by 2025?

Future Buick
Future Buick SUV | GM

Over at Buick, it has transitioned completely away from producing sedans and is working toward doing the same for ICE vehicles. However, its EV plans look a bit more fluid. A large electric SUV arrives in 2023. It is unclear whether it will also add a redesigned Encore and a new small crossover.

For 2024, it is expected there will be a freshened Encore GX and Envision, along with a redesigned Enclave. A completely new EV crossover is also scheduled. In 2025 there are not expected to be any new or refreshed releases. Then in 2026, a compact EV crossover is expected. No plans beyond 2026 are shown. 

What will Chevrolet look like by 2025?

Future Chevy
Future Chevy SUV | GM

Chevrolet has a gang of new offerings it is planning between now and 2026. We won’t touch them all, but there are some highlights. There looks to be another electric truck beside the Silverado EV for 2023. The Suburban gets refreshed in 2024, and a performance EV crossover, as we have mentioned before, hits the streets in 2025. 

Also in 2025, the Corvette EV arrives, with the standard Corvette getting a refresh then. New Colorado and Tahoe EV debuts happen in 2026, and the Trailblazer is planned to be refreshed then as well. 

While 2026 sounds like a long time to wait, it will be here sooner than you think. The next few years will be wild for car enthusiasts with the flurry of EVs planned by all the car manufacturers. By mid-decade, the automotive landscape will look a lot different from how it looks now.


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