Large SUVs With the Most Cargo Space: Consumer Reports

Face it; sometimes, you need a large SUV with cargo space. Finding a reliable large luxury SUV can be tricky, especially at this extended length. What are Consumer Reports’ picks for reliable sport utility vehicles with a lot of cargo space?

The Ford Expedition is a large SUV with extra cargo space

Check out these large SUVs with the most cargo space
The 2022 Ford Expedition large SUV parked in front of a house | Ford

Consumer Reports added the 2022 Ford Expedition to its list of large SUVs with a lot of cargo room. Those looking for maximum space want to check out the Expedition Max. It adds 12 inches to the original SUV’s length, making it almost 222 inches long. The Ford sport utility vehicle offers 66 cubic feet of cargo room for whatever you need to tote around. Consumer Reports racked up 16 mpg with the 3.5L turbo V6 engine. Forward collision warning (FCW), automatic emergency braking (AEB), and blind-spot warning (BSW) are included standard. If you want a lux version, check out the Lincoln Navigator L.

CR Reliability Score: ★★★

Price Range:  $51,110 – $82,815

The Jeep Wagoneer is a new lux large SUV with more cargo space

The 2022 Jeep Wagoneer is a large luxury SUV that revises the Wagoneer nameplate into a modern three-row vehicle. Based on the Ram 1500 pickup truck, the Wagoneer can fit eight people. If buyers want captain’s chairs in the second row, that drops to seven. If you fold both rows of seats down, this gives you 63 cubic feet of cargo room. The seats in the back go down in various ways to offer extra space and seating all in one. Consumer Reports like the air suspension and user-friendly controls. Plus, Jeep added plenty of storage and USB ports. FCW, AEB, and BSW are all standard.

CR Reliability Score: ★★

Price Range:  $58,995 – $76,995

The Toyota Sequoia is a large luxury sport utility vehicle

The 2022 Toyota Sequoia is one of the most reliable large sport utility vehicles. Consumer Reports gave it a four out of five for reliability, which is hard to find in bigger SUVs. Compared to some of the prices on this list, the Sequoia SUV is even affordable. It scored well on the predicted owner satisfaction area, too. The Toyota Sequoia only returned 15 mpg overall in testing, but that’s to be expected. It has 61 cubic feet of cargo space and plenty of modern tech for the whole family. FCW, AEB, and BSW are included.

CR Reliability Score: ★★★★

Price Range:  $50,500 – $69,775

If you want even more luxury, check out the Cadillac Escalade sport utility vehicle

Looking at the 2022 Cadillac Escalade, this sport utility vehicle screams “luxury!” Though it uses the same platform as the Chevy Tahoe and Suburban, it is more high-end inside and out. Even in the regular-length version, seven or eight passengers can fit in the Escalade. The Escalade ESV is longer and more comparable to the extended-length Subaruban, but it only offers 56 cubic feet of space. The fuel economy isn’t great at 16 mpg, but the Cadillac is a full-size SUV. FCW and AEB are standard, but BSW isn’t. Cadillac Super Cruise has some extra driver assistance features.

CR Reliability Score: ★★

Price Range:  $76,295 – $108,595

Don’t overlook the Lincoln Navigator large SUV


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The 2022 Lincoln Navigator scored well on Consumer Reports’ road test and predicted owner satisfaction areas. The predicted reliability was average, but it makes up for it in luxury. The Navigator can fit seven or eight people and has 56 cubic feet of cargo space. There’s plenty of room behind the third row and even below the cargo floor. Consumer Reports says the SUV isn’t very agile, but that’s expected for its size. The 2022 Navigator can tow 8,300 pounds and has FCW, AEB, and BSW included standard.

CR Reliability Score: ★★★

Price Range:  $76,710 – $107,635

Balancing reliability and large SUV capability is tough. The makes and models listed above have a solid mix of extra space and reliable history. Depending on how much cargo space you need, these large luxury SUVs and regular sport utility vehicles check all of the boxes.