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LAPD Selling Fleet of Low Mile BMW i3 EVs Cheap

If you ever wanted a cheap, slightly used, premium EV you should check this out. The LAPD is selling its fleet of low mile BMW i3 EVs on the cheap. The City of Los Angeles is going to take a massive hit on these BMW i3 EVs and you can reap the benefits.

BMW won the award to supply 100 i3 EVs each year for three years

A charging chord plugged into a car
An electric car (BMW I3) is charged at a charging station | Getty

In 2014 LA Mayor Eric Garcetti announced the replacement of all government vehicles to electric power. The mandate included that law enforcement vehicles would be part of the program. Bids were sent out and BMW won the award to supply 100 cars each year for three years. The rollout to the LAPD was to begin in 2016.

Every Capparis White BMW i3 was spec’d with the base 22kWh battery pack, Deka World interior, and standard 19-inch wheels. None were ordered with the optional gas engine range extender. So these i3s are limited to about an 80-mile range between charges. 

Because this was early in the days of EV charging stations would have to be part of the package. It ended up costing Los Angeles over $10 million to work charging stations into the plan. Another problem besides the ballooning costs was that these i3s were labeled “administration.” That means not for patrolling. 

Today, most of the i3s have under 20,000 miles on them

The inside of the i3 is handsome and bright.
2017 BMW i3 interior | BMW

Needless to say, most of this fleet was only used sparingly. Today, most of the i3s have under 20,000 miles on them. Some have only a few hundred miles on their odometers as reported by CBS Los Angeles. In effect, there were hundreds of virtually new BMW i3s sitting in a parking garage unused. That is the reason it caught the attention of the local news. Government waste is always a great rating grabber.

Now that the city has decided to sell them the hard truth about automotive values is kicking in. At over $43,000 new even the i3s with only a few hundred miles can’t get half of that now. There are currently around 25 i3s listed and none are over $20,000. The only downside to how these were spec’d is that they don’t have the Technology or Parking Packages. 

These are BMW certified pre-owned so they come with the remainder of their warranty

BMW grille
BMW i3 | Getty

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Since these are certified pre-owned they come with the remainder of their four year/50,000-mile warranty. There is also a one year/unlimited-mile warranty when the basic warranty expires, and an eight -year/100,000-mile battery warranty from the date of purchase. With some listed at $15,000, this is a good deal for the price that includes the remaining warranty. 

The big question mark is how long each of these was sitting idle? Will that extended downtime affect how the cars operate? The good news is the newer the i3 you choose the more of the warranty will be left to cover you in case all of that sitting has led to problems.