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The Range Rover was Land Rover’s first luxury SUV, finally making it to American shores in 1987. Since then, U.S. drivers have marveled at this vehicle’s intricate interior and its awe-inspiring off-roading powers. In addition to its remarkable selection of gas engines, there’s both a mild hybrid and a plug-in hybrid option.

Although the 2022 Land Rover Range Rover has been released, a redesigned version is already on the way. Even more astonishing, according to MotorTrend, is that the car can reportedly be customized in 1.6 million ways. What options are available to make the Range Rover even better?

What’s already inside a Land Rover Range Rover?

New 2022 Land Rover Range Rover SV models in white and red paint color options
New 2022 Land Rover Range Rover SV models | Jaguar Land Rover

The term “Range Rover” can also refer to the entire Range Rover family, not just the original car. The Range Rover Evoque is the subcompact model, while the Range Rover Sport is simply a midsize SUV. They all have many optional mechanical and interior features, but the Range Rover SV Autobiography is considered a fully-loaded model.

It comes standard with a supercharged V8 capable of 557 horsepower paired with 4WD and an eight-speed automatic transmission. This model also receives exclusive suspension tuning and every available safety feature. The seats are made from the finest quilted leather, and the cabin features a genuine wooden steering wheel.

There’s also a Black Edition and a Long Wheelbase SV trim, the latter containing three luxurious rows of seating. The Land Rover Range Rover Long Wheelbase gets a second (yes, a second) refrigerated compartment and a sprawling rear-seat entertainment layout. The standard Range Rover can also have multicolored interior lighting, a cabin-air purifier, and a studio-quality audio system.

Diving into the luxury SUV’s customization options

To add your own range of options, your Range Rover will have to be built by Land Rover’s SVO Performance division. These vehicles will set themselves apart with metal blades on the bottom of the grille, plus an exterior ceramic SV emblem. Ceramics are also used for the volume knobs and the gear shifter on these models.

The SVO division will also offer furniture-grade leather seating options. Light Cloud or Cinder Gray faux leathers feel almost exactly the same while producing far less C02 during the production process. You can get these two options on the SV Intrepid theme, which also features black ceramic interior controls and unique seat perforations. An SV Serenity theme is also available, which has a stylish brown-and-white two-toned color scheme. However, you can still customize these themes, even mixing and matching the two!

FSC-certified wood can also be integrated onto the Range Rover’s center console, each piece laser-cut and then neatly arranged by hand. If you get this option for the Long-Wheelbase model, it will stretch back to the second chilled compartment.

The SV Bespoke Premium Palette features 14 new finishes for the already extensive exterior paint selection. If none of these coatings catch your eye, SVO can create a custom paint job for you when you provide a color sample. The roof can also be painted in a contrasting color. Meanwhile, down by the wheels, you have seven design choices and unique finishes for each SV design theme. Anthracite and Atlas silver plating can also be used on the lower tailgate, grilles, and rear fender.

How will you build your Land Rover Range Rover?

Big families can ride in style with the Land Rover Range Rover SV Long Wheelbase trim level, complete with a wood-etched Club Table. Vegans will love the sustainable fabrics on the SV Intrepid, possibly with their own set of Diamond Turned Dark Gray Gloss wheels. The only thing any Range Rover SV model will have in common is the engine, concealed under any paint color you can imagine!