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The first fully redesigned Land Rover Defender in decades excited off-road enthusiasts a few years ago with its retro looks, rugged capabilities, and wealth of personalization options. Land Rover is finally rolling out one option Defender owners have pined for: steel wheels for the six-cylinder Defender 110. 

A new appearance pack gives retro wheels to 6-cylinder models 

The rear-mounted spare steel wheel on a Land Rover Defender.
2020 Land Rover Defender Spare Steel Wheel | Land Rover

Land Rover announced several new additions to the 2024 Defender options list, including the new Defender 110 County appearance package with retro graphics and the highly coveted steel wheels. 

The Defender 110 County package plays on the aesthetics of the original Defender County. Its two-tone paint and distinctive side graphic give it more visual flair than other appearance packages. But one small detail is sure to excite Land Rover enthusiasts. 

This package will be the first time the six-cylinder Defender will be available with the brand’s vintage-style steel wheels. 

Land Rover earned praise upon release for offering the Defender with cool off-road options. Features like a roof ladder, steel wheels, a jump seat, and other rugged features weren’t available in more luxurious nameplates. It seemed the new Defender would stick to its old-school 4×4 roots. 

Defender fans loved the charming steel wheels for their simple looks, vintage personality, and ability to fit thicker tires. But shoppers soon found disappointment in the Defender configurators when they discovered that the steel wheels were only available for four-cylinder models. 

You couldn’t configure the Defender with both the powerful inline-six engine and stylish retro wheels. Instead, the larger engine required more modern-style wheels that didn’t look the part of a 4×4 nearly as well. You’d have to settle for less power if you wanted the looks. 

The Defender 110 County finally gives Land Rover fans what they want.

Admittedly, this package’s “steel” wheels aren’t actually steel. They’re alloy wheels just like the other options – but they at least look like vintage truck equipment. 

Why would Land Rover Defender 110 shoppers want old-school steel wheels?

The Land Rover Defender’s steel wheels don’t serve much purpose other than looking sharp. Still, that’s mainly why the Defender exists in the first place.  

Land Rover had plenty of new models that could tackle the toughest off-road terrain before the redesigned Defender arrived. The Defender uses most of the same parts technologies as the rest of the brand’s lineup, making it nearly identical to its peers from a mechanical perspective. It’s the aesthetics that set it apart. 

The available steel wheels add even more vintage appeal to the mix. They call back to the days when Land Rovers were purpose-built farm equipment for the British countryside. 

How much is the 2024 Land Rover Defender 110 County appearance package?

According to Car and Driver, the County appearance package for the 2024 Defender 110 is surprisingly affordable at just $600. That’s a modest price tag for a package that gives the Defender extra retro aesthetics. 

Car and Driver reports that Land Rover also announced a new Defender 130 Outbound package with all-black trim, all-terrain tires, roof storage, and other features. These new appearance packages expand the Defender’s already broadly customizable looks.  


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