Lamborghini to Reveal New Model Thursday

Lamborghini is a favorite brand for those that follow Italian exotic car makers. The manufacturer produces a lot of the beautiful, carefully crafted sheet metal out the Sant’ Agata area in Northern Italy. In fact, some might say that the automaker puts out drool-worthy, and powerful, exclusive automobiles. So, whenever there is news that Lamborghini is planning on announcing something, Lamborghini gets a lot of attention. Such is the case once again.

A new Lamborghini Urus on display at an auto show
Lamborghini Urus | Daniel Pier/NurPhoto via Getty Images

A new model

Today, word came from Lamborghini that they would restart their operations, on May 4th. This comes after manufacturers across the globe paused production due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But, there was something else in the announcement that made mention of an online premiere on May 7th, of a new Lamborghini model. The most interesting part of the news was that this undisclosed model would complete the product’s lineup. Wait, what?

Here is the language directly from the press release, 

“We continue to nurture the dreams of our fans and customers, and on 7 May, through a virtual launch, we will present a new car in order to complete our model range. We closed the first quarter of 2020 despite the situation with very positive results. From these results, we want to secure our swift return to a leadership position, delivering our vehicles once again as soon as our dealers around the world reopen for business.”

Lamborghini workers make face masks
Lamborghini workers make face masks | Lamborghini

To complete our model range

Okay, it makes sense that Lamborghini wants to get people oohing and ahhing over there vehicle again quickly. So, they are going to launch this vehicle just a couple of days after restarting production to get that top-of-mind consciousness again from the consumer. That all makes sense. The curious part, however, is when they said, “in order to complete our model range”. What could that possibly mean?

That could mean a whole lot of things. The current models from Lamborghini are Aventador, Huracan, and the Urus. So, that translates to a couple of two-door exotic sports cars and an SUV. The sports cars are both available as convertibles as well. 

Many ideas have been floated

Traditionally, before a new model comes out from any manufacturer, the inevitable spy shot photographer captures the vehicle undergoing testing. There have not been any spy shots that have shown up recently of another model from Lamborghini. But, let us say for the sake of argument that the manufacturer was successful in keeping a vehicle super-secret and never had it photographed, then what would that model be, considering it is supposed to complete the model range? Would it be a four-door sports sedan, an electric vehicle, a hybrid vehicle, a pickup truck?

Although Lamborghini fans around the world would love to see Lamborghini approach any of those types of models, right now, none of them are likely for such a quick introduction. So, it is more probable, what we are looking at to be revealed is a special edition trim of some sort for an existing model. 

1989 Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary
1989 Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary | Lamborghini

Ideas have floated around the internet all day for what the mysterious model from Lamborghini could be. Another version of the Aventador has also come up as a possibility. So, has a beefed-up, off-road package of the Urus. Or, a plug-in electric Urus has come up. Even a Huracan Super Trofeo Omologato (STO) was suggested by Motor1.

Mystery or not, the May 7th reveal date will be watched by many eyes. All of them will be anxiously trying to get a glimpse of what will certainly be another great Lamborghini. Today’s announcement only served to get the minds of those consumers to eagerly anticipate what the brand has put together. It’s almost like Christmas again, and the excitement is building the closer we get to the Thursday reveal. Let the countdown begin.

Update, May 7, 2020: Coverage of Lamborghini’s announcement can be found here.