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It’s been a big week for Lamborghini. Just yesterday the automaker announced that its current CEO Stefano Domenicali would be stepping down. Former Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann will be taking the helm come December 1. This week also saw the unveiling of the new Lamborghini Huracán STO. And, we’ve gotta say, this Lamborghini might be the most extreme one yet. 

Lamborghini Huracán STO rounding a corner
Lamborghini Huracán STO | Lamborghini

The Huracán STO sports a new exterior design

Lamborghini says every aspect of the Huracán STO draws on the aerodynamic efficiency and the lightweight technologies needed in motorsports. Every line and feature has been optimized to ensure that this supercar delivers the absolute best driving performance. 

The front bonnet, fenders, and the front bumper of the Huracán STO are comprised of one component: Lamborghini’s ‘cofango.’ Perfectly placed air ducts work to increase the airflow through the central radiator and ultimately improve engine cooling while generating downforce too.

Look to the rear of the vehicle, and your gaze will be met by a new rear fender. Designed to increase both rear downforce, the rear fender is also able to improve the car’s overall aerodynamic efficiency. As for the Huracán STO’s rear hood? An integrated air scoop aims to improve air-cooling while dedicated air deflectors manage incoming airflow. Consider its shark fin, which helps straighten airflow onto the wing and increase wing efficiency during cornering, and the Huracán STO’s exterior is a real sight to behold.

New driving modes epitomize its racing spirit

But the Huracán STO is more than a looker. If anything, Lamborghini says, the Huracán STO is a “super sports car with a racing car.” And Lamborghini isn’t wrong. At the heart and soul of it is a V10 aspirated engine that churns out an astounding 640-hp. Lamborghini has increased the vehicle’s wheel track too and provided it with stiffer suspension bushing, specific anti-roll bars, and Lamborghini’s MagneRide 2.0. The supercar maker has also calibrated the engine for a very sporty and responsive racing feel. 

Perhaps what’s most exciting about the Huracán STO are its high-performance driving modes. Tuned to exemplify its racing spirit, the default STO mode is meant for everyday road driving and having a grand old time on curving roads. In Trofeo mode, the Huracán STO can conquer dry asphalt and take on the track. And in Pioggia mode, you can expect optimized traction control, torque vectoring, rear-wheel steering, and optimal use of the vehicle’s antilock braking system on wet asphalt.

An interior that reflects the lightweight persona of its exterior

Of course, the interior of the Huracán STO is also deserving of a mention. It’s absolutely dripping in carbon fiber. Really, Lamborghini has outfitted it with sports seats in full carbon fiber and has removed the carpeted floor mats and replaced them with floor mats fashioned out of carbon fiber.

The Huracán STO’s touchscreen display, on the other hand,, features the New Human Machine Interface (HMI) and manages the car’s functions including drive mode indicator, the LDVI system, tire pressures and brake temperatures. Meanwhile, a fully connected telemetry system lets drivers monitor and record their performance and analyze it using the Lamborghini UNICA app every time that they hit the track.

The Huracán STO arrives in Spring 2021

While Lamborghini might have unveiled the Huracán STO this week, the automaker says the first customers won’t take delivery of the new Huracán STO until spring 2021. Until then, customers will have to sit tight waiting for their $327,838 to arrive.


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