Lamborghini Made A Four-Door Sedan Concept No One Ever Heard About

Last week Lamborghini released a new model that no one was expecting. There was a lot of speculation surrounding the release, including the introduction of a plug-in hybrid model or maybe even a fully electric model to compete with cars like the new Aston Martin Rapide E. There was even speculation that the exotic manufacturer would be releasing a sedan, but Lamborghini gave us no hints. When the model was released, many people were disappointed to learn that it was a rear-wheel-drive Huracan Evo instead of a four-door sedan, but Lamborghini has apparently had a concept of one in their back pocket for quite some time.

It’s called the Estoque

The four-door sedan concept designed by Lamborghini is called the Estoque, and it kind of looks like a high-end sedan with a fake Gallardo front end and Huracan headlights.

The front fascia is the only view of the car that would give you the impression that the Estoque belongs in the Lamborghini lineup. The smooth body lines and sharp transitions are aesthetically appealing but don’t offer the more traditional body lines of the historically two-door sports cars that typically hold the black and gold bull badge.

The front headlights and rear taillights are noticeably taken from other, more popular Lamborghini models. The front bumper could have been taken straight off of the Aventador itself, while the headlights were stolen from the Huracan. The design does offer some aggressive styling and carbon fiber details in the front lip and rear diffuser.

Lamborghini Estoque Concept Car | A full-sized rendition of the concept design

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We probably won’t see one anytime soon

With the rising popularity of SUVs, some car manufacturers have started to cut down on the number of four-door sedan models on the market. While Porsche’s new Taycan is popular for the price and the Aston Martin Rapide E will likely sell well, this points more in the direction of a need for electric or plug-in hybrids.

If Lamborghini was to create a four-door sedan it would – and this may be controversial – do much better as a plug-in hybrid than as a traditional combustion-engine car. Lamborghini as a company hasn’t given in to the rising demand for electric vehicles as of yet, but with companies like Koenigsegg created 1,700hp hybrids like the Gemera, it could be in the cards to step up to compete.

Lamborghini Estoque | Concept design

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Lamborghini hasn’t given us any hints to whether or not the Evoque or any version of a four-door sedan will come to fruition any time soon. With some stage-setting hypercar companies like Koenigsegg coming out with four-seater coupes it is more likely that we see something similar from Lamborghini before we ever get anything with four doors, besides the Urus sedan, of course.