Lamborghini Crashes Under a Semi in Miami, Trapping Passenger

It’s not uncommon to hear cases of car crashes. While most vehicles involved in collisions involve average cars like a Scion FR-S, Kia Stinger, and Subaru WRX, some supercars are also included. One such case involved a Lamborghini Huracan. This supercar was recently involved in a horrific crash with a semi-trailer in Miami. The Lamborghini is designed to offer drivers high safety and reliability standards, but dreadful car accidents, such as the one, can still occur. 

A yellow Lamborghini Huracan sitting on gravel in front of a wooded area.
A yellow Lamborghini Huracan | Getty Images

Yellow Lamborghini Huracan smashes into a tractor-trailer

The Miami Fire Rescue was called upon to rescue a passenger in a Lamborghini that veered out of its lane, crashing and wedging underneath a semi-trailer. According to CBS Miami, the crash took place a few minutes before 11 p.m. on Monday January 17, 2022 at SW 8th St and 4th Ave. 

When the Miami Fire crew arrived at the scene, they found the wreckage of a yellow Lamborghini Huracan underneath the rear end of a two-axle white tractor-trailer. The driver found his way out of the smashed sports car, but the passenger was trapped and needed help getting out of the ruined car.

The rescue team deployed stabilizers and airbags to lift the trailer’s rear end and pulled the car using towing equipment. As highlighted on Local 10 News, the officials in the rescue mission, the passenger was unscathed during the entire operation. The two individuals in the vehicle were transported to the Jackson Memorial Hospital in stable condition.

What happens if you smash a supercar like a Lamborghini?

Car accidents result in property damage and injuries. It would help if you had auto insurance to cover the other driver’s bodily injuries (BI). The coverage will only cover the other motorist’s injuries, including medical bills, funeral costs, loss of income, and pain and suffering. You’ll also require property damage liability (PD) to pay for any damages to the other party’s property based on the policy limit.

Remember, neither the BI or PD coverage will cover your injuries or damage to your car. You’ll need comprehensive coverage for that. With such an insurance plan, you will not only ensure you’ve covered the other party’s injuries and property damage, but you’ll also secure your compensation for personal injuries and damages to your Lamborghini. 

If it’s a serious accident and the other driver suffers serious injuries, your BI coverage may be too low to help, especially in a state like Florida, which has a “no-fault” in place. That means your personal injury policy will pay, regardless of who’s at fault. That’s why it’s critical to increase your insurance coverage. The monthly rates may be more, but it will help in the long term in case of an accident. 

An overview and price of the Lamborghini Huracan

The Huracan epitomizes the evolution of Lamborghini’s V10 engine power. Lamborghini designed the stand-alone sportscar to anticipate the driver’s driving characteristics, desires, and expectations. With its unrivaled build, it combines fine-tuning, refined existing features, and new design elements that rev up its track performance. 

Steeped in aerodynamic solutions, the iconic Y-shaped front bumper, Countach-inspired hood likes, centrally-mounted exhaust tailpipes, and 20-inch Aesir wheels, you won’t miss the Huracan wherever it goes. A tech-ready sportscar, the Huracan features an 8.4-inch touchscreen infotainment system and an interior that stays true to its Italian roots, from the leather upholstery to carbon-fiber elements. 

The Huracan comes in four trims: EVO, EVO Spyder, Fluo Capsule, and STO. Lamborghini launched the car with a price tag ranging from $213,104 to $331,533, depending on the trim you choose. But Car and Driver recommend the EVO as an excellent option, considering it comes in various colors, its tail-out antics, and the sporty Carbon-Skin package. 

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