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Lamborghini is taking a stand against the war. Russia’s continued invasion of Ukraine puts all of the world’s superpowers in a challenging position. Many companies and countries are completely halting any sort of business with the country. These sanctions span all kinds of business categories and quite heavily involve the automotive industry.

Lamborghini froze all business with Russia and is preparing a refugee-aid donation.

A 3/4 front view of an orange Lamborghini Huracan EVO cornering on a race track. Grand stands and palm trees are visible in the background.
Lamborghini Huracan EVO | Lamborghini

The Drive reports that Lamborghini is now part of the growing list of companies ceasing business operations with Russia. Just over two weeks ago, Russian military forces invaded Ukraine with intentions to take over the country. As a result, Ukrainian civilians are fighting not only for their lives but for their freedom.

Dozens of companies are freezing their business operations with Russia. Now Lamborghini is doing the same. In a Twitter statement, Lamborghini announced that it is “deeply saddened by the events in Ukraine and observes the situation with grave concern.”

Additionally, Lamborghini’s Twitter post announces that they are preparing a donation to the UN refugee aid that will send funds directly to a UN Refugee agency in Ukraine.

Lamborghini brought their announcement to a close with a statement that it “hopes for a swift end to the hostilities and a return to diplomacy.”

Other automakers are also sanctioning Russia

A yellow Lamborghini Huracan sitting on gravel in front of a wooded area.
A yellow Lamborghini Huracan | Getty Images

Lamborghini’s parent company, Volkswagen, is also putting interactions with Russia on pause. According to The Drive, that has a bit more of a direct effect on the company than it does with Lamborghini. Volkswagen has two production facilities in Russia. One in Kaluga and one in Nizhny Novgorod. VW shut down both plants as of March 3rd. Additionally, VW has entirely ceased vehicle exports to Russia.

Another VW-owned company affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine is Porsche. The Drive reports that the war has raised fears of a potential microchip shortage like the one experienced due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Neon, an essential element used in the production of semiconductors, is plentiful in Russia. In fact, it is one of their biggest exports. So, embargos on Russian supplies may result in production issues.

Plenty of other automakers are also putting a stop to business with Russia. According to Auto Evolution, Ferrari has also put a freeze on business deals with the country. Additionally, they donated $1.1 million to help support Ukrainians in need.

“While we hope for a rapid return to dialogue and a peaceful solution, we cannot remain indifferent to the suffering of everyone affected. Our thoughts and support go out to them. We are playing our small part alongside the institutions that are bringing immediate relief to this situation,” said Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna.

There’s only one solution

A 3/4 front view of a blue 2022 Porsche 911 GT3 cornering on a race track with a sunset in the background.
2022 Porsche 911 GT3 | Porsche

Outside the automotive industry, plenty of countries are also sanctioning Russia. Heavy hitters in the oil industry like Shell, BP, and Exxon are ending their ties with the country, reports The New York Times. Additionally, Mcdonald’s has closed all 800+ locations, Pepsico is ending soda sales, Starbucks has closed its Russian locations, and much more.

Ultimately, Russia’s leadership’s actions are destroying the Russian economy. Unfortunately, this will also affect all the Russian citizens who took a stand against the invasion. The only solution to resuming business as usual, it seems, is for Russia to end their Ukraine invasion.

As the age-old adage goes, nobody wins in war.


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