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Stars: they’re just like you and me. While it may be hard to believe that celebrities aren’t all out there either being driven around in their day-to-day lives or otherwise driving only luxury vehicles, it turns out that many celebrities prefer to drive mainstream pickup trucks as their daily vehicle.

Pickup trucks are a practical choice for daily driving, thanks to the towing capabilities and the amount of storage offered. But it’s not just top-of-the-line trucks that celebrities are choosing. A lot of them proudly hold on to their old, beat-up trucks that have definitely seen better days. After all, what’s more American than driving around in an old truck? Here are some surprising celebrities that drive trucks.

Lady Gaga owns a Ford pickup truck

Superstar Lady Gaga could most likely afford any car in the entire world. What did she buy in 2016 when she officially got her driver’s license? An old 1993 Ford SVT Lightning. The cherry-red 26-year-old truck is definitely a head-turner, but mostly because it’s so ordinary and seeing Lady Gaga behind the wheel would surely catch you by surprise.

Gaga was pulled over shortly after buying the pickup truck because she hadn’t attached any license plates to it yet. Hopefully, she’s gotten that worked out by now. While we’re not sure if she has other fancier vehicles hidden away in a garage somewhere, it’s definitely a surprise to see her driving an old pickup.

Colin Farrell drives a classic Ford

Irish actor Colin Farrell is another celeb who hasn’t bothered to buy a fancy vehicle for his everyday errands. He drives a 1996 black Ford Bronco. Being able to blend in is likely the reason for a high-profile actor to choose a ride like an old Bronco.

While Ford Broncos are great trucks and still attract attention simply because of that, it’s definitely not as eye-catching as a luxury vehicle would be, so it’s likely Farrell can sneak by unnoticed whenever he’d like.

Kristen Stewart drives a pickup truck from the ’90s

Another actress who could afford practically any vehicle she could want actually prefers to drive around in a Toyota pickup from the 90s. Stewart owns a blue Toyota truck and drives it all over the place in her daily life. Keeping her private life to herself, Stewart likely chooses to drive something without all the bells and whistles to avoid catching the eye of paparazzi, as she prefers to keep her daily life quiet.

Christian Bale doesn’t drive a Batmobile

Believe it or not, Christian Bale does not drive the Batmobile to grab groceries at the store. Instead, Bale drives around in a modest Toyota Tacoma. The Tacoma is one of the most practical midsize trucks on the road today, so hats off to Bale for choosing a smart vehicle.

It’s nice to see that celebrities appreciate the practical things in life, just like the rest of us. This low-key pickup truck is perfect for anyone who needs to occasionally tow something, pack it full of equipment for weekend adventures, or likes the freedom of moving a piece of furniture without having to rent a moving truck to get it done. Midsize trucks are a great everyday option.

Clint Eastwood loves his GMC pickup truck

Legendary actor Clint Eastwood seems like the kind of guy who would choose a practical pickup truck over something with more comfort and style, doesn’t he? Eastwood drives a GMC Typhoon.

Only produced from 1992-1993, Eastwood’s Typhoon has a 4.3-liter V6 turbo engine, giving it plenty of power but not much in terms of appearance. While not entirely surprising, we could also imagine Dirty Harry in something more elite and luxurious, not one from the early 1990s that looks like it has seen some things.