Rare Exotics You Can Build in your Garage

Have you ever dreamt of having a rare exotic car without the $100,000+ price tag? Do you spend most of your time tinkering in your garage, or just don’t mind turning a wrench? You may want to consider buying an exotic car kit. As rare as some supercars and offering just as much power, these kit cars cost way less. The best part? You can build them right in your own garage.


The Vaydor body kit has gone through multiple renditions and models, but all are stunning in their own way. Built on a donor 2003 – 2007 Infiniti G35 coupe, the Vaydor kit car can be a fun build you can do in your own garage. The Nissan VQ 3.5L V6 motor offers 280hp, but can be upgraded to more powerful engines or even a hybrid or fully electric. After all, when you’re building a car, you can make it into whatever your heart desires.

Vaydor Supercar from https://vaydorsupercar.com/

Factory Five 818

Factor Five is a well-known car builder famous for generations of hot rods and kit cars. The Factory Five 818 kit is based on a Subaru WRX and starts as low as $10,000 – without the car itself, of course. The fun and exotic design will leave car show attendees wondering what the car is. You will be able to proudly announce that this stunning car was built in your very own garage.

Factory Five 818 from https://www.factoryfive.com/818/818s/

Factory Five GTM

No surprise here that there is another great kit car offered by Factory Five. Staring at $25,000 these kits are for builders looking to create a truly beautiful and exotic car. This kit borrows parts from the 1997 – 2004 Corvette C5, including the motor and suspension. The GTM is a truly unique looking car, and most people would have no idea it’s built off of a Chevy favorite.

Factory Five GTM from https://www.factoryfive.com/gtm-supercar/h

RCR Superlite-SLC

The RCR Superlite-SLC is in fact an incredibly lightweight car you can build in your garage. Weighing around 2,400lbs and powered by a powerful Corvette LS motor this car will dominate the roadways, and it’s stunning and exotic appearance is guaranteed to turn heads. The full kit can be purchased from RCR for around $45,000 without the drivetrain. Custom examples can range all the way up to $100,00 – after all, when you’re building a car, you can be as detailed, luxurious and extravagant as you want.

2010 Rapier-sl-c-superlite-coupe from http://www.superlitecars.com/slc

When it comes to the car industry these cars fit the bill of ‘built-not-bought’. With the ability to customize, modify and put your own blood and sweat into a car, these kits may be the affordable solution to all of your exotic car dreams.