Kia Will Make “CV” EV: Performance/Power To Challenge Porsche Taycan

There was a time when a lead like this would have been answered with, “Yeah, when pigs fly.” Not anymore. Our friends from South Korea have slowly upped the game of building cars that can compete on almost any level. And, it can do it for a lot less. Their latest should embarrass Mercedes. The “CV” all-electric fastback might just embarrass Porsche. Kia’s aim is to match the power and performance to challenge Porsche’s flagship Taycan. As it has met every goal it has set we can hardly wait.

Kia says it wants the CV to be its flagship model according to Auto Express. It will feature the Hyundai Group’s Electric-Global Modular Platform. The key here is modular. It will be used in a wide array of segments with various combinations of electric motors. In the case of CV Kia wants to apply 800-volt technology.

To compete with the Taycan the CV will need performance and styling to rival it

Kia Imagine Concept 2019 | Kia

If it is to compete on any level with the Taycan it will need to have incredible styling like the Taycan. Kia says that the styling is based on its Imagine Concept from last year. It’s a bit chunkier than the Taycan but just as dynamic. If Kia can stay close to the concept it will have a winner. And being in the crossover segment it will be a winner that will be more versatile than a Taycan. 

The seamless windshield into a top may not make production, but we hope Kia gives it a try. It’s both visually and functionally dramatic. So too is the more radical version of Kia’s signature grille. All of this is “concept car” stuff that needs to become production car stuff. It’s what Kia will have to do if it wants to tread in the Taycan’s realm.

Kia has not been shy about its goals for the CV and EV market

Kia Imagine Concept 2019 | Kia

Kia has not been shy about its goals for the EV market. It wants to increase its market share of the segment to about seven-percent, not counting China. To do this it will increase EV models to 25% of what it makes. 

We know Kia can do it. The question is: will customers be willing to pay for it? Or rather, will customers pay a premium price for a Kia product? The price may not be near a Porsche Taycan, but it won’t be at the top end of Kia’s price range. Right now that’s around $60,000. 

The EGMP platform besides being so versatile offering plenty of features that will appeal to EV customers. The range will be a bit over 300 miles per charge. A full charge will take 20-minutes and is compatible with the IONITY fast-charging network. 

The Kia CV might be a better use of the EGMP platform than Hyundai’s Prophecy

Kia Imagine Concept 2019 | Kia

One of the most dazzling uses of the platform will be its sister company Hyundai’s Prophecy Concept. From a styling standpoint it in some ways out-Porsches Porsche. It may be a bit more literal to what the Taycan is than Kia’s CV. But that might make it more popular even on a one-to-one basis which this won’t be. 

With a launch date later in 2021 as a 2022 model, Kia is well underway in its development. So the hints that have been slipped into general Kia conversations mean Kia knows its target and is taking aim.