Kia Soul EV Just Surprised Everyone

Kia has been doing their homework and it’s paying off. The new Kia Telluride has taken tons of titles –– including top honors in the World Car Awards –– in addition to gleaning loads of attention during its first year of production. All eyes are on the Telluride with its bold look and list of awards. But it isn’t the only Kia model to watch out for.

On the long list of cool cars that aren’t available on US soil, the Kia Soul EV isn’t one that anybody’s been too upset about –– till now. This little electric vehicle just won World Urban Car of the year award in the World Car Awards. Roadshow calls the Kia Soul EV an “electric runabout,” naming it an affordable car to watch out for when it finally hits the US market.

Urban Car of the Year

World Car Awards names this spritely electric Kia the 2020 Urban Car of the Year among other strong contenders like Hyundai Venue and Volkswagen T-Cross. This Urban Car title, in conjunction with the Telluride’s World Car of the Year award, is giving South Korean auto brand Kia Motors Corporation something to be proud of.

“Everyone at Kia is truly honored to receive not just one, but two awards from the World Car of the Year judging panel…This is one of the hardest-fought competitions in the global automotive industry, proving that the Telluride and Soul EV are both truly outstanding vehicles. These accolades are testament to the talents and efforts of a worldwide team, who all strive to create desirable, high-quality and practical cars that drivers love.”

Thomas Scherma, Executive VP/Head of Product Division at Kia Motors Corporation

This award puts Kia on the map with a star in the world of electric autos. The Kia Soul EV, also called the “Kia e-Soul,” began its first generation run in South Korea in 2014.

Since then Kia has manufactured this subcompact electric crossover SUV and watched it gain global traction on the electric vehicle market. It clearly speaks for itself winning a podium position in the World Car Awards as Urban Car of the Year.

What to expect for the the Kia Soul EV

With a competitive full charge range of 243 miles, the Kia Soul EV is an modern mixture of the 2020 Kia Soul and Kia’s new Niro Electric, both of which are growing in popularity here in the US. The Kia Soul EV sports a 64 kilowatt hour lithium ion polymer battery pack.

A 2020 Kia Soul EV plugged into a charging station.

The EPA’s official range for the Kia Soul EV beats the Chevy Bolt‘s 238 miles, and the Nissan Leaf‘s 226 miles. Only Hyundai’s Kona Electric can travel farther than the Soul with an EPA-rated 258-mile range. 

The Soul EV has the option for four different driving modes just like the Niro. Normal, Sport, Eco and Eco+ settings allow drivers additional adaptability for navigating the urban jungle.

A single-speed transmission sends 201 horsepower and 291 pound-feet of torque to the front wheels from the electric motor. The Kia Soul EV maneuvers around town with effective electrified ease.

An electric twist

Kia’s electric twist on the Soul paid off big time. The 2020 Kia Soul EV ticks all the boxes with great drivability, a modern interior with generous cargo space, updated user-friendly tech and an electric motor with enough kick to it to keep us entertained.

Now the 2020 Urban Car of the Year is sure to see a surge in interest and sales. The only down side is that we won’t see them on American soil until next year when the 2021 model is released in the states.