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There are many popular Kia vehicles in the market if you look at the sales figures. Buying one at an affordable price isn’t too hard to do, but what about insuring it? Which model will bring the lowest insurance costs, especially if you have an accident on file that happened to be your fault? Let’s look at how certain factors affect the rates and which Kia model is the cheapest on average to insure. 

Why insurance rates differ in different situations

A black Kia Niro, which is the Kia with the lowest insurance cost.
Kia Niro | Kia Media

When insurance companies determine insurance rates, they take several things into account. Things like age, gender, location, and driving record play a part when coming up with your premium rates

In most cases, insurance companies will look at your driving record, credit score, and whether you’ve had any accidents, especially ones where you were at fault. Your driving record tells them whether you’re a risk when driving. If you’ve had several speeding tickets, it lets the agent know that you’ll likely continue getting them, which could cause accidents in the future. 

Your credit score is important for some companies. A poor credit rating can mean that there’s a chance you may not pay your bill on time, so prices will increase when scores are in the poor range. Some states won’t allow your credit score to be used when figuring out premiums, but only a small handful of states do that. 

They’ll also look to see if there are any recent accidents on file. This will tell the company whether you will have more collisions in the future or not. If you’re likely to, the rates will go higher. 

Which Kia model has the lowest insurance costs?

One Kia model stands out as being the cheapest to insure when it comes to at-fault accidents. The Kia Niro brings the least amount of insurance costs when it comes to having an at-accident on record. 

Someone with a good driving record and credit but who had an accident recently will only pay approximately $2,106. If the person has good credit and a good record with no accidents, the same person could pay around $1,434. If they had poor credit, though, the price would be $2,463. 

In comparison, the Kia Telluride would cost $2,888 with an at-fault accident. If the person had good credit and a decent driving record, the costs would fall in the $1,967 range. If that same driver had a good record and no accidents but had poor credit, they would pay about $3,378.

The Niro offers the lowest-cost insurance of all the Kia models on the market. Those with a good record and credit will pay an affordable price if they have an accident on record. 

How a recent accident affects your insurance rates

If you have an accident, especially if you’re at fault, you’ll typically file a claim with your insurance company to get the vehicle fixed. Those claims are recorded and will factor into your insurance rates when calculated the next time. 

Most companies will look back about three to five years to see how many accidents you might have been involved in. If you have any on file, you’ll likely have more in the future, labeling you as a risk to the company. 

If you switch insurance companies, you’re not likely to catch a break from it. Other companies will also look to see if you’ve been involved in any fender benders in the last few years or so. If they find any, your rates will rise. 

With a Kia, a 30-year-old person with a good driving record typically pays around $1,850, while the same person with a poor credit rating would pay $3,177. If that person, with good credit, had an at-fault accident in the last couple of years, the price would fall in the middle to about $2,716, according to CarEdge

A 55-year-old (and up) with good credit would only pay $1,487 and $2,554 with poor credit scores. If that person had a good driving record and credit but had an accident in the last year or so, the price would fall in the $2,183 range.