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Kia has made a name for itself as an automaker that offers excellent cars at a great price. Throughout its history, this Korean automaker has given drivers the chance to get something that can last. Furthermore, many of these models bridge the gap between economy and luxury. For a few years in the late 2010s, Kia jumped into the luxury market with the Kia K900. But, this model didn’t last for too long. Why isn’t the Kia K900 still on the market?

An odd option for Kia

When most drivers hear the brand Kia they think of affordability and convenience. The Kia K900, on the other hand, was a full-blown luxury sedan with spacious seating, high-end technology, and top-notch materials. This sedan was in an odd spot for Kia with its apparent luxury that was different than many other models.

When drivers decided to check out the Kia K900, they would be blown away by its incredible features, technology, and a ton of refinement. Kelley Blue Book noted the vast list of standard features, smooth driving experience, and powerful engine to consider this sedan.  First, most drivers and passengers would completely forget about the brand because of the high quality of this sedan. Thanks to plush leather seating, a premium audio system, driver-assistance technology, and a VIP experience in the rear, everyone can enjoy this sedan.

In addition to the remarkable luxury that this Kia was able to offer, it offered drivers some stunning performance. Thanks to an available V8 engine and rear-wheel drive, the Kia K900 was an odd choice from Kia. You and your passengers will enjoy a smooth and refined drive on the road. 

The Kia K900 was an impressive sedan but, in many ways, was just an odd option for the brand at the time.

a luxurious 2020 kia k900, a stunning luxury sedan that came at an odd time
2020 Kia K900 | Kia

As Kia’s sister brand Hyundai was building up its luxury portfolio, Kia felt it was time to also step into the game. The Kia K900 was interested when crossovers and SUVs were gaining immense popularity. Drivers were hunting for more capability and space, and sedans couldn’t keep up. 

Because of the increasing popularity of the SUVs, the Kia K900 was up against some stiff competition. Despite this sedan’s incredible features, technologies, and refinement, shoppers found other options that fit their needs more efficiently.

Another aspect that made the Kia K900 such a hard sell was its price. This full-size luxury sedan started at $59,000; after options and accessories, the cost can rise to around $70,000. For a Kia, that was quite a bit of money, but it was much cheaper when stacked against the competition. Even with that in mind, shoppers had trouble wrapping their heads around spending that much for a Kia. 

A Kia K900 was a worthy choice, just at the wrong time

the interior of the 2020 kia k900, a plush and luxurious place to spend time
Interior of 2020 Kia K900 | Kia

With all the good that this sedan could offer, this sedan just came at the wrong time. The interior was a remarkable place to spend time and offered drivers and passengers a chance to enjoy more adventures. Over its lifespan, it gained some fans, but not enough. 

The Kia K900 was an outstanding luxury sedan that allowed drivers the chance to get top-notch luxury while saving their hard-earned money. Even with the goods, it was not enough to keep this large sedan on the market, and in 2021, it bowed out of the market. With SUV popularity, an odd placement in the Kia line-up, and pricepoint, the Kia K900 failed in the U.S. market.


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