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Tesla is known to many as the pioneer in the all-electric vehicle sector. Tesla cars are some of the most sought-after cars on the market because they are fast, powerful, and obviously, don’t require any fuel. With Tesla’s popularity continuing to increase every day, many automakers are striving to produce a car that can be considered a true competitor of Tesla vehicles.

As it turns out, Kia may actually be on the verge of creating an EV feature that is able to compete with Tesla’s. So, just how exactly is Kia able to finally catch up with Tesla? Keep reading to find out.

What is Kia’s newest EV car like?

Recently, MotorTrend had a chance to test-drive the new Kia Niro EV. For years, the car has been world-renowned for its agile and sporty features, but now, this popular hatchback is adding all-electric options, and so far, it seems like a very impressive electric car.

The Niro EV comes equipped with a 201 hp electric motor that delivers 291 lb-ft of torque. With this new car, drivers no longer have to be worried about running out of power after a few miles. The powerful engine is capable of traveling up to 239 miles on a single charge. This means that if you need to go somewhere that is an hour or more away, the Niro EV will have no problem getting you there. 

In addition to the powerful engine, Motor Trend also reports that the car accelerates and drives smoothly. Also, they noted that the steering was extremely responsive and the handling agile, making it much easier to turn sharp curves. 

What is the best feature on a Tesla?

Tesla’s vehicles have many advanced features that make them one of the best electric vehicles that are on the road today. However, one of the things that people love the most about a Tesla is its Supercharger network, which makes charging your vehicle quick and easy.

With Tesla’s network, drivers are able to find the nearest charging station through Tesla’s app. Once at the charging station, they then only have to wait for about 30 minutes until their battery is completely charged. Then they get notified through the app when their car is ready to hit the road again. 

How is Kia catching up with Tesla?

Because Tesla’s fast-charger charging stations are so popular, Kia has come up with a way to make its charging time slightly quicker than other EVs. When the battery is almost at 0%, the Kia Niro EV can reach 100% in just a little over an hour with a Level 3 charger. In comparison, a Tesla takes around half an hour to completely charge, so the Niro EV is still slightly behind Tesla when it comes to charging times.

One of the things that give most consumers cold feet when it comes to buying an EV vehicle is the charging times. Most people don’t want to wait for hours for their car to charge. When you consider that it only takes a few minutes for car owners to fill their tanks up with gas, it is easy to understand why some may be hesitant to buy a car that will take hours to “fill up.”

While Kia still has a little ways to go before its charging capabilities are even with Tesla vehicles, the fact that the Niro EV was able to drastically reduce the charging times that you would ordinarily find in other EV cars is definitely a step in the right direction. It could signal that other cars are starting to develop technology that will help catch up to Tesla when it comes to charging times.