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With its three-row, all-electric, mass-appeal approach, the all-new Kia EV9 will fill the huge gap that has been wide open in the EV market. While there are three-row electric SUVs from Mercedes, Rivian, and Tesla, the EV9 promises a ‘normal’ design for regular buyers.

Experts at suggest Kia won’t try a futuristic design with the EV9 like most of its competitors. Instead, the manufacturer retains a “normal” design, which begs the question: Is the design an asset or a liability to the yet-to-come Kia EV9?

The Kia EV9 is a roomy, family SUV

Inside the Kia EV9, owners will have a seven-passenger SUV with comfy seats in all three rows, generous head and legroom, excellent visibility, and a pleasant look. The EV9 is set to deliver a spacious interior, the latest technology, and several advanced features, making it a perfect choice for a family SUV says that the Kia EV9 doesn’t target the same market as the Ioniq lineup from Hyundai because its interior resembles a typical gas-powered model. The SUV is roughly the size of the popular Kia Telluride, making it more appealing to the general public.

According to Consumer Reports, most automakers are daring with styling, but Kia is committed to retaining a ‘normal’ look and aerodynamic efficiency that the general public is familiar with.

The spacious interior could be a selling point for the 2024 EV9

A 2024 Kia EV9 midsize electric SUV model parked on dirt outside of a gray shutter garage
2024 Kia EV9 | Kia America

The greatest thing about this normal design philosophy is that it allows for plenty of space. argues that the space inside the 2024 Kia EV9 could be a selling point for the SUV. The interior design will allow owners to drop the third row and create as much room as anyone can need in a car. With all three rows raised, owners will get 20.2 cubic feet of cargo space. Folding both rows of the rear seats can increase the cargo space to 81.9 cubic feet.

The EV9’s interior compares with full-size crossover-style SUVs, which have proven to be the market’s favorite. Occupants sitting in the first and second-row seats can simultaneously recline their seats to rest and relax when EV9 is charging.

According to Kia‘s press release, passengers can also swivel the second-row seats to face the rear row, which could be attractive when stuck charging for an hour or so. Meanwhile, the second-row seats passengers can swivel their seats 180 degrees to interact with those in the third row.

Normalcy doesn’t mean performance or reliability compromise

U.S. News reports that the spacious three-row SUV won’t compromise performance. The Kia EV9 has extra details sprinkled throughout to rival the best EVs from the most luxurious carmakers like Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, and Rivian. For instance, it has the power to go from 0 to 60 mph in around 5 seconds.

With two EV9 options, buyers have different performance options. The first model has a standard 76.1-kWh battery and a 215-horsepower motor that drives the rear wheels. The other option is an EV9 with a 98-kWh battery, a dual motor with 379 horsepower, and vectoring all-wheel drive. Kia says the 98-kWh battery will deliver 300 miles of range with a single motor set up.

The only remaining question about whether the normal design of the EV9 is an asset or liability is the price range, which Kia has yet to announce. The manufacturer can target the new EV9 to regular buyers looking for the first spacious, affordable, three-row family electric SUV. Alternatively, it can target luxury buyers with more disposable income, who won’t shy away from a luxury-priced model.

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