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When the Kia Cadenza hit the market in 2017, it was an impressive offering with great features, refinement, and a well-rounded driving experience. The Kia Cadenza fits the bill for shoppers looking for a comfortable and luxurious sedan. Despite all of the good that this luxury sedan could offer, drivers did flock to this sedan quite as Kia expected, and after a few years, the Kia Cadenza left the market. Why didn’t the Kia Cadenza succeed?

A luxury sedan from an economy brand

In 2017 the Kia Cadenza arrived on dealership lots in glitz and glamour. A stunning exterior design brought in the eyes of onlookers. Shoppers were drawn to the elegant styling and enjoyed a downright luxurious sedan. When drivers stepped inside, they experienced plush leather, advanced technology, and remarkable quality.

The interior of the Kia Cadenza was certainly the jewel of this car. The exterior is stunning, but the interior offers a sense of comfort, refinement, and luxury that was hard to beat. This sedan competed with some impressive European luxury sedans, surpassing what those models could offer in many ways.

The most significant detriment to this model was that Kia offered it. Kia is an automaker most often recognized for its reliability and longevity. Drivers enjoy Kia models because of the outstanding longevity and reliability available. This works together to make a Kia one of the best choices available. In addition to that reliability, Kia models are affordable. Kia models rarely start around $40,000, and the Cadenza did. This higher price was a definite reason that not as many drivers flocked to this sedan.

SUVs ruled the road

When the Kia Cadenza hit the dealership, it came at a time when SUVs were getting even more powerful. SUVs offered drivers the space and capability they were looking for. Because of this, automakers like Kia constantly looked for ways to add new SUVs to the line-up. On the other hand, while friendly to the driver because of the on-road capability, sedans did not offer the space passengers wanted. 

Drivers and passengers love SUVs, and because of the enormous popularity of SUVs, the sales of sedans across the industry floundered. When the Kia Cadenza hit the market, there were still obviously popular sedans, but new models, such as this luxurious sedan, were up against some stiff competition. 

What did the Kia Cadenza do well?

a 2020 kia cadenza, a luxury sedan from kia that just couldnt last
2020 Kia Cadenza | Kia

Even though the Kia Cadenza is no more, this sedan also did quite a bit well. Regarding performance, this sedan utilized a 3.3-liter V6 engine that creates 290 horsepower. According to Car and Driver, this engine offers a smooth driving experience thanks to the eight-speed automatic transmission. The front-wheel drive system offered brought drivers plenty of capability on any road. It is important to utilize everything this sedan can offer to make sure you can enjoy any drive, short or long. 

In addition to the performance this sedan offers, you will appreciate the outstanding luxury that this interior can offer. The Kia Cadenza offered unmatched refinement and luxury from plush leather seating, multi-zone climate controls, an advanced audio system, and climate-controlled seating. All of this works together to ensure drivers and passengers enjoy a comfortable and spacious sedan.

Why didn’t the Kia Cadenza succeed?

the seats of a 2020 kia cadenza, a plush and luxurious place to spend time
Seats on a 2020 Kia Cadenza | Kia

With everything that the Kia Cadenza could offer you in terms of luxury, comfort, and refinement, this Korean luxury sedan was quite impressive. This luxurious sedan was ready to perform on any road and, most importantly, was more affordable than most of the competition. This would work together in many cases to make the offered car a top choice.

But, the quick rise in popularity of SUVs and the fact that this luxury car was a Kia made this luxury sedan a tough sell. The Kia Cadenza was still an important model for Kia and helped to set the stage for what the brand would do in the future.


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