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The new Kia logo is modern and represents the identity the car company is aiming for with its new slogan, “Movement that inspires.” However, even though Kia made a record-breaking logo debut, some people wonder if the logo is readible.

The Kia record-breaking debut 

A black Kia with the Kia logo displayed.
Kia logo | Getty Images

In January 2021, Kia officially announced its new logo with a fireworks show. According to a press release from Kia, they broke a world record by using 303 pyrodrones to spell the Kia logo in the night sky. At the time, it was the record for the most unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to set off fireworks simultaneously. 

The light show slowly shows parts of the Kia letters, connecting them together piece-by-piece until they reach their final form. The movement and illumination in the sky showed the imagery of connection and rhythm the company wants to showcase in its vehicles. 

What does the new Kia logo look like? According to Drive, it is a “more modern, straight-edged design than its predecessor, connecting the letters K, I, and A.” Unfortunately, this made it unrecognizable to some. 

Many people don’t see the word “Kia” in the new logo but instead see “KN.” Hotcars reported that thousands had searched Google for the new “KN” brand. 

If Kia wants a new look, it’s got it. But their new look doesn’t come with brand recognition. 

While some people doubt that the unrecognizable logo is a big issue, others think it presents an opportunity for Kia to reintroduce itself to people. Those who weren’t interested in their old slogan, “The power to surprise,” may like this new branding strategy. 

Innovation in Kia’s new EVs

The innovation in almost all auto manufacturing is in electric vehicles (EVs), and Kia is no exception. But reliability and cost are a major concern for consumers. That is where the Kia Niro shines as Kia’s most reliable electric vehicle

The Kia Niro has foldable seats that increase cargo capacity, 201 hp, fast charging, and a 253-mile range. The SUV is reliable and has all the extras, such as a power tailgate and voice recognition. However, it is more expensive than some Kia models at $39,450 for the Wind trim. 

The Kia EV6 won the 2023 North American Utility Vehicle of the Year. A lot of the reasoning for the award was the stylish design of the EV6. Industry experts claim it has features that are comparable to luxury vehicles. 

The stylish design and affordability might fit together for Kia’s customers, much like the letters in the new Kia logo. In this way, the company’s logo is a metaphor for connection, movement, and desire. The average person can afford to feel luxury in their automobile experience. Kia is living up to its new slogan, “Movement that inspires.” 

The Kia rebranding strategy will likely succeed regardless of its record-breaking pyrotechnics or new logo because Kia vehicles remain affordable, dependable, and stylish. The company continues to find innovative ways to put modern vehicles within the financial reach of all car buyers. 


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