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Kevin Bacon and Jay Leno standing next to a blue 2021 Ford Bronco Sasquatch

Kevin Bacon Loves the Ford Bronco on Jay Leno’s Garage

In an entertaining episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, Kevin Bacon drove a 2021 Ford Bronco — and he loves it. Bacon is a good choice to showcase the new Bronco, for he’s a fan of the iconic SUV and owns a 1969 Bronco. Watch the video of the Bacon Bronco excursion.

The Ford Bronco SUV is in such high demand that many customers have not yet received their vehicle. However, being a celebrity has its perks, as Kevin Bacon showed on an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage. The actor got behind the wheel of a 2021 Ford Bronco — and he loves it.

Watch: Kevin Bacon Drives a 2021 Ford Bronco

Bacon is a good choice to showcase the new Ford Bronco, for he’s a big fan of the iconic SUV. As he describes on Jay Leno’s Garage, he already owns a 1969 Bronco. Bacon bought it as a “pandemic purchase.” It’s in rough shape, with no ceiling, doors, or windows. Jay Leno then responds that the new Bronco “is a step up” compared to Bacon’s 1969 Bronco.

Another reason why Bacon is a good fit for the Bronco is that both Bacon and the Bronco are versatile. In addition to his variety and film and television roles, Bacon performs music with his band, the Bacon Brothers. Bacon also founded the organization, Six Degrees, which utilizes celebrities and people in the entertainment industry to help local and grassroots charities. Six Degrees is inspired by the game, Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, which links anyone in the Hollywood film industry to Bacon within six steps.

The Bronco offers high-level versatility with its ability to provide both smooth on-road driving and off-road prowess. With the Goes Over Any Type of Terrain (G.O.A.T.) feature for the Bronco, you can select seven different drive modes. This includes Slippery, Sand, Sport, Eco, Normal, Rock Crawl, and Mud/Ruts. Also, with versatile cargo configurations, the Bronco provides a great deal of flexibility for how you store your gear.

Ford Bronco Sasquatch Package

After a grumbling walk through the California desert, Jay Leno surprised Kevin Bacon with the 2021 Ford Bronco. Upon seeing the latest incarnation of the legendary SUV, Bacon’s mood turned to joy and awe. The Bronco featured in the episode has the Sasquatch Package, which takes off-road performance even higher with several exclusive features. This includes 35-inch tires, 17-inch Beadlock-Capable wheels, Bilstein position-sensitive monotube shocks, front and rear locking differentials, high clearance fender flares, and a shorter final drive ratio.

Bacon was impressed. He also liked the blue color of the Bronco too.

Bacon in the Bronco and Leno in Tremor

Kevin Bacon and Jay Leno standing next to a blue 2021 Ford Bronco Sasquatch
Kevin Bacon, Jay Leno, and a 2021 Ford Bronco | Jay Leno’s Garage

Bacon took the Bronco for a drive along a fire trail in the California desert. Leno followed Bacon in another off-road capable vehicle, the Ford Ranger Tremor. Notable off-road features for the Ranger Tremor include a lifted suspension, off-road-tuned FOX 2.0 monotube dampers, 32-inch Continental General Grabber all-terrain tires, and specially tuned front coilover and rear leaf springs. In all likelihood, Leno drove the Ranger Tremor to pay homage to Bacon’s role in the 1990 film Tremors, in which he battles giant, wormlike monsters that live underground.

You can see the happiness on Bacon’s face as he drives the 2021 Ford Bronco. He said that it “handles great” and compared to his 1969 Bronco, the suspension is “so much smoother.” Bacon also complimented on how well the Bronco performed off-road.

It will be interesting to see if the Ford Bronco will be popular with other celebrities, similar to another off-road SUV, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Like the G-Class, the Bronco is good for both on-road and off-road driving — and offers many customization possibilities.


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