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When successful music icons hit it big, it’s not uncommon to see them make the most of their fame by indulging in lavish homes, high-dollar fashions, and expensive cars. Among these celebrities with a taste for high-profile and exotic rides is one you might not expect, country music titan Kelsea Ballerini.

Ballerini because the very first woman since 1992 whose first three released singles reached number one on the Billboard Country Airplay chart. Her three most popular hits, “Love Me Like You Mean It,” “Dibs,” and “Peter Pan,” continue to be favorites among her country-pop fans. All that success over the years has contributed to a swelling bank account.

In turn, that sizable cash reserve has allowed Ballerini to splurge on something she considers to be a prized possession – her Ferrari GTC4Lusso that’s worth $300,000. When you look at celebrity cars and all the different models famous people own, Ferrari seems to be a popular choice. Ballerini’s Ferrari GTC4Lusso, like Ballerini herself, is more than just stylish looks, too.

Other celebrities love Ferrari models, too

Kelsea Ballerini performing during the CBS 'New Years Eve Live: Nashville's Big Bash' special
Kelsea Ballerini performing | Brent Harrington/CBS via Getty Images

Kelsea Ballerini isn’t the only celebrity to develop a rich taste for sports cars. Plenty of A-listers have one or more Ferrari models parked in their garages. Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian, and Paris Hilton have Ferraris. Arnold Schwarzenegger owns a Ferrari 360 Spider, Nicolas Cage owns a Ferrari Enzo, and Ashton Kutcher drives a red Ferrari California.

Other music industry celebrities enjoy the fast and exotic car experience, too, including Justin Bieber. Motor Web Museum points out Ferraris have long since been favorites among music icons, including Jay Kay, John Lennon, and Eric Clapton. Even the great jazz musician Miles Davis owned four Ferrari cars.

Kelsea Ballerini’s Ferrari GTC4Lusso

She might be a two-time Grammy nominee and fill-in on The Voice, with piles of chart-topping songs to her credit, but Kelsea Ballerini is a 28-year-old with priorities. She’s also a celebrity Ferrari owner. While many of her country music industry colleagues prefer SUVs, beefy pickups, and classic muscle cars, like Toby Keith, Faith Hill, and Brad Paisley, Ballerini wasted no time in buying herself an exotic and luxurious vehicle, the Ferrari GTC4Lusso.

As HotCars points out, Ballerini’s Ferrari is a four-seater of the grand tourer variety. Still, it’s no grocery-getter. It’s also strapped with a monstrously powerful 6.3-liter V12 engine, capable of hitting top speeds of over 208 mph. This posh Ferrari GTC4Lusso can scorch pavement in a 3.4-seconds on a 0 to 60 run, too. To Ballerini, every detail was worth every penny as she was reported to have spent $300,000 on the car.

Top Gear says it’s “Ferrari’s SUV,” although it’s not at all what you might envision. The Ferrari GTC4Lusso comes with a uniquely designed four-wheel-drive system that the automaker says makes this ride 50% lighter than traditional four-wheel-drive setups. 

Does Kelsea Ballerini own other exotic sports cars?


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Buying and owning a Ferrari GTC4Lusso isn’t like your run-of-the-mill luxury car purchase. These Ferrari models come with hefty price tags, usually no less than the $300,000 Ballerini paid for hers. It’s unknown how many other expensive cars the country star has in her celebrity car possession, but it’s clear she can afford to buy whatever she wants. Ballerini’s net worth, according to The List, is reported to be a whopping $6 million, meaning she could probably own a slew of Ferrari’s if she decided to do so.

Celebrity cars will always be a popular topic among fans. So, it’s impressive when you learn about country music stars like Kelsea Ballerini, who invested her earnings in a $300,000 Ferrari GTC4Lusso.