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When people picture country star celebrities and cars, they likely picture a pickup truck or off-road vehicle. While this is fair, stars like Keith Urban have car collections that go beyond the unofficial vehicle of country music. The crown jewel of his impressive garage puts the most competition to shame. Still, the driver’s entire collection puts him in the same company as notable collectors like Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld. 

What is the Bugatti Veyron?

Bugatti Veyron models
Bugatti Veyron models | BUGATTI AUTOMOBILES S.A.S.

The Bugatti Veyron is a technical and automotive marvel. The automaker’s website boasts a 0 to 60 mph takeoff in just 2.6 seconds, and the model reaches up to 255 mph on the open road. Underneath the hood lies a quadruple-charged 8-liter W16 engine built to withstand high-speed races and everyday driving with smooth precision. 

Elite Traveler notes that the Veyron is a favorite among celebrities, but with its premium price tag and style, it makes sense why. Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Ralph Lauren, and several other big names worldwide all step behind the wheel of one from time to time. However, few flaunt their Bugatti as much as Keith Urban does. While the country music world is filled with car enthusiasts, Urban might be the biggest one of all. 

However, with this prized Bugatti, the Australian crooner may already have the best car he ever owns. 

Keith Urban’s Bugatti Veyron

Part of the Bugatti Veyron’s appeal is its sporty, futuristic look. Nobody sees a car with a pristine exterior and thinks that someone got it at the local dealer. They’re futuristic luxury vehicles where the lights, wheels, logo, mirror, and overall exterior appeal show off the gigantic price tag. When photographs of Urban filling up the car were published by The Daily Mail in 2016, they showed a star who didn’t want to buy luxury cars to say he had them. He tried to take advantage of their power and performance. 

Of course, for $3 million, Urban didn’t skimp on any costs. However, cars are not just cars for him. According to Pulse, cars give him a connection to his late father. 

“I inherited my love of cars from my dad. We used to take family driving trips purely for the love of driving. They’re also featured heavily in a bunch of my songs, including some on my new album,” he said. “For me, they symbolize freedom, independence, adventure, and so much more.”

Other cars collected by Keith Urban

Beyond the Bugatti Veyron, what other cars does Keith Urban like and own? Urban spoke with former late-night host Jay Leno about his love for cars in 2020. According to HotCars, the pair discussed Urban’s black 2011 Pagani Huayra. Leno approved the collection and praised the country star’s taste in automobiles. The country star credited his famous wife, Nicole Kidman, letting him get behind the wheel of her BMW with bringing a lifelong love of cars to the next level. 

It’s an ironic sentiment. Kidman doesn’t fancy herself a car person. However, she appreciates her husband’s love of cars and how he uses them to wind down when life gets hard. 

“At times, he needs to escape with his guitar. Sometimes I’ll find him in his closet playing guitar. That’s when I know we really need to give him space. Oh, and he Googles cars. I’ll know when he’s stressed ’cause he’s Googling cars. I couldn’t care less what car I’m driving; you can pick me up in any old thing,” the actor said, per Country 102.5

Urban’s luxury car garage has left notable collectors amazed. His childhood understanding, combined with his country star wealth, has elevated him in the world of supercar collectors. Whether or he’s behind the wheel of the Huayra or the Veyron, Urban loves his multi-million dollar investments and shows no signs of stopping his collection. 


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