Keep Mice Out of Your RV With These Simple Tricks

Nothing can disrupt a nice experience with the family like a mouse in the RV. Rodents disrupt the peace and can damage an RV, or any vehicle for that matter. So, what are some good ways to keep mice from infiltrating the home away from home?

Mice like holes in an RV

A closeup of a mouse sitting on a glove.
Mice like to eat through vehicle wiring | Patrick Pleul/picture alliance via Getty Images

Remember, not only do the elements wear a vehicle away, but so does traveling over potholes and dirt roads. This means that holes can grow over time. What starts like a paper-thin gap can progress into something much larger. Therefore, before storing your RV for the winter, it is a good idea to examine underneath the vehicle and the roof for any holes. Then fill them. Expanding foam is good for this if the hole is in a non-visible place. Otherwise, some ingenuity will be necessary so the material used to plug the hole does not look aesthetically repulsive.

Food, crumbs, and stickiness

Don’t leave food, crumbs, or stickiness behind on the counters. Ziplocs and a cleaning sponge are your friends. You can also put loose fruit in a hanging basket. Otherwise, the pesky little critters will find their way to your counters while you’re sleeping. If you’re planning on storing the RV for a season, remove all food for the interim. 

Loose paper and cotton balls in your RV

Loose paper is often used for bedding material by mice to make the RV feel like their home. Make sure remnants of shredded paper, paper towels, napkins, newspapers, and even cotton balls are swept up and disposed of. There’s nothing like a torn address label with a mouse behind it staring up at you. 

Lights keep mice away from an RV

Typically, the less noticeable a mouse is, the longer its lifespan. So, darkness is often the best friend of mice. According to Camper Smarts, campers that have placed strings of lights under their camper at night have been successful in warding mice away.

Start the RV

If mice have somehow made their way into your RV, they may or may not have made a comfy bed for themselves. Before they have an opportunity to get cozy, you can disrupt their process by starting the camper. If the RV is in use, start it every couple of days. That’s enough to scare the critters. If the vehicle is going into storage, however, it may not be as convenient to start it every couple of days. But, you should still try to start it every month. This may or may not be enough, but it is another tool in the arsenal to keep mice second-guessing if your camper is right for them. 

Dryer sheets, mothballs, and essential oils

Dryer sheets smell pleasant and offer enough of a deterrent that many mice will stay away. However, dryer sheets wear out and then can be used for bedding. The scent of mothballs is not appealing to many. But, there is less of a chance of them being used for bedding material. Essential oils such as peppermint have also shown up on the internet as providing a scent that deters mice. 

Nothing is full proof when it comes to mice invading an RV. They are creative creatures that are small enough to crawl through the most amazingly small openings. The best defense is to use several of the methods outlined above to deter the creatures. Once accomplished, peace of mind will be the reward.