Kate Moss Has a Way Cooler Vintage Car Collection Than You Might Think

Kate Moss is someone that others say is a very important person. I can’t say I know much about her outside of her incredibly cool vintage car collection. Although it isn’t all that surprising to hear an international superstar has a cool car collection. However, it is a little less common for that person to be a supermodel. Kate Moss is one such supermodel who seems to get cooler and cooler the more we learn about her. From Rolls-Royce to MG, Kate Moss’ vintage car collection is not what you would expect.

This MG Midget is only of of the great cars in Kate Moss' vintage car collection
Kate Moss driving her MG roadster | MelMedia/GC Images

Kate Moss’ MG MIdget had some trouble

As Hannah Elliot of Bloomberg recently noted, Kate Moss and her little MG Midget experienced what all vintage car enthusiasts experience at some point or another, a breakdown. She was photographed looking like just the rest of us belonging to the unwashed vintage car rabble standing next to her dirty MG as it sat lifeless on the shoulder of a British highway. 

Moss’s MG is the Mk III from 1968. This cute little British runaround was notably called “the smallest real sports car” and also happened to be the most popular body style of the model’s run. Although this little crumpet could only hit 95 mph with a strong tailwind while going downhill didn’t stop people at the time – or Kate Moss, now – from loving it. 

Kate Moss has a killer vintage car collection

This MG Midget is only of of the great cars in Kate Moss' vintage car collection
Kate Moss driving her MG roadster | MelMedia/GC Images

Luckily for Moss, the MG isn’t her only ride; such are the perks of being an international superstar, I digress. The coolest part of her collection is that it isn’t only painfully expensive vintage exotics and pointlessly flamboyant machines. For instance, her MG has an average retail price of $5,000-$6,000. This goes to show she has taste, not just money. 

As you might have guessed by now, the MG isn’t the only funky vintage car she whips around the U.K. Kate Moss has brought home a whole host of rad vintage European cars over the years. She had and then gave her daughter an original Mini Cooper. Again, this is not only very British but also endearingly tiny. Although a theme seems to be forming, Moss has more diverse taste than that. 

The Supermodel has some pricey stuff, too

The wedding cars for Kate Moss' wedding sighted arriving at the wedding. These are two cars that belong to kate MOss' insane cool vintage car collection
Rolls-Royce for Kate Moss’ wedding | Neil Mockford/FilmMagic

Along with her cute cheapies, Kate Moss also has some heavier hitters like her villainous-looking and undeniably cool, black 70s Porsche 911 in the long-wheelbase version, a matching old London black cab, a 1971 Mercedes-Benz 280SE, a 280SL Pagoda. 

From there, the poshness continues. Kate Moss has been known to turn up the class with her pair of vintage Rolls-Royces. She has a 1964 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud and a 1979 Silver Shadow. 

Undoubtedly, the English supermodel has more modern rides that take her and her family bopping around when these British smokers die on the side of the road. Still, she seems dedicated to driving the old dogs as much as possible. 

It’s easy to look at someone like Kate Moss and be grumpy about collections of cars and critique her under the guise of “wastefulness” or some other such thinly-veiled product of jealousy, but the truth is she seems to be doing what most of us might do if we struck it big and dared to continue being ourselves; buying cool stuff that we like with no other motive or pretense. 

My hat’s off to ol’ Kate for driving what she loves – at least until it breaks. 

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