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Most celebrity fans are more fascinated by what their favorite star drives than where they live, and Kanye West has quite the car collection. He’s a big fan of Ford Raptors, and has bought more than one so that he can tend to his ranch in Wyoming. West also has a fleet of Sherps.

While these incredible ATVs are perfect for farm life, West has proven that there are other uses for them as well. While he uses them on his ranch, West has also utilized his Sherps to promote his products. Business Insider has the inside scoop about West’s convoy of Sherps.

Kanye West is a huge lover of all things motor

Kanye West has officially made it into the Billionaire’s club. This means that he has extra money to spend on the things he loves, and that includes automobiles. In fact, he reportedly has over $3.8 million tied up in vehicles.

As part of his collection, West owns a Lamborghini Urus. He also owns a Lamborghini Aventador that his wife Kim Kardashian West bought him when they first began dating. It was an incredible looking car, but it was tragically damaged when Kardashian’s electric gates closed on it.

West showed that his wife isn’t the only one who knows how to buy expensive gifts when he bought Kim a $240K Mercedes Benz G-Wagon. She had rented one in Miami and fell in love with it.

West took note of this and surprised her with one. Kardashian admittedly had trouble getting in and out of it, and had to buy a stool to climb in.

Kanye West has a fleet of Sherps

Most celebrities drive things like Bentleys, Lamborghinis, and Ferraris. What you don’t think of is ATVs, but Kanye West is a huge fan of Sherps.

It’s easy to see why West would love Sherps. According to Business Insider,

“They take the term “all terrain” to the next level, with the ability to climb over three-foot-tall obstacles, ascend 35-degree gradients, drive for 115 hours without refueling, and cruise across open water if need be.”

Sherps are perfect for ranch life. They can go almost anywhere. With a Sherp, you don’t need roads. You can make your own. 

Boulders mean nothing to this monstrous ATV. It can climb over obstacles that are over three feet high with no trouble, and can crawl over fallen trees as if they’re not even there. 

If that’s not cool enough, the Sherp can swim. You can safely leave your floaties at home, because you can cross large bodies of water in the Sherp. It’s hermetically sealed, so it can float. It’s not exactly fast, as it only moves at 3.7 mph, but it’s better than sitting back on the shore.

The inside of the Sherp is sort of bare, as it doesn’t come with many safety features that most vehicle owners expect nowadays. It does come with a backup camera, but this is the extent of its features. According to Sherp, this makes it easier to maintain.

There’s more than one use for a Sherp

Kanye West is known for his creativity in his musical career, but as it turns out, that extends to his fashion collection Yeezy. According to the Drive, Chicago was floored when a parade of Sherps took to the streets to promote West’s new YZY QNTMs sneakers. There were no mountains to be climbed there, but the Sherps fit right in place. 

They were even more welcomed because West gave away his sneakers for free days before they were to be released on the market. Some of the lucky owners of the new Yeezy’s were able to sell them for $1,000. West kept the Sherps, and probably had them shipped back to his ranch in Wyoming.


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