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The Jurassic saga continues with a lot of familiar faces and one familiar motorcycle: Triumph. The British motorcycle marque finds itself paired with Chris Pratt once more, and that remains a pretty cool partnership. Here’s a little more about Chris Pratt and his Jurassic World: Dominion Triumph Scrambler. 

What Triumph motorcycle does Chris Pratt ride in Jurassic World: Dominion? 

Chris Pratt’s character, Owen Grady, is back on a Triumph Scrambler for the new film, Jurassic World: Dominion. In the trailer, viewers who aren’t fixated on the computer-generated (CGI) Velociraptor may notice Grady performing maintenance on the British bike. Of course, given Grady’s preference for off-the-grid solitude, it makes sense that his bike would wear a set of knobby off-road tires. 

Chris Pratt is back on a Triumph Scrambler in Jurassic World
A Triumph Scrambler like Chris Pratt’s | Unsplash

It does beg the question of whether the Triumph Scrambler is a good choice for Owen Grady. In a world where dinosaurs are constantly hunting you, more power or some protection might be wiser. A higher-horsepower adventure bike option like a Harley-Davidson Pan America may help him avoid near-certain death. Also, while it might not be as sexy as a Triumph Scrambler, perhaps a solid old Land Rover Defender or Jeep CJ would serve him better in Dino-land. 

Is this the first time that Chris Pratt rode a Triumph motorcycle in a Jurassic World film? 

Chris Pratt’s Jurassic franchise character has a background with Triumph at this point. The first Owen Grady film, Jurassic World (2015), saw the U.S. Navy veteran and dinosaur trainer tearing around on a Triumph Scrambler as well. The newest iteration looks a bit different than the first bike he rode in Jurassic World, but you’ll have to see the film to judge for yourself. 

Does Chris Pratt use a different motorcycle in Jurassic World: Dominion?

Although Triumph seems to have a partnership with the Jurassic World franchise, Chris Pratt’s Owen Grady rides a different bike in the movie trailer. Chris Pratt seems to be sliding a lightweight off-road motorcycle in the trailer for the film, but we won’t tell his trusty Triumph if you don’t. 

Why did the filmmakers choose the Scrambler?

Owen Grady’s first Scrambler packed Triumph’s 865cc engine, and while it’s a fine powerplant, it isn’t exactly powerful. However, it was handsome. The Thruxton, Scrambler, and Bonneville are all classically styled motorcycles and look good on screen. Still, he may be better off with Triumph’s T120 powerplants, like in the newest 1200 Triumphs.

Was Owen Grady’s Triumph Scrambler modified? 

According to RideApart, Chris Pratt’s first Triumph Scrambler was tastefully modified with a few components. Specifically, the British motorcycle had an Arrow 2-1 exhaust system, Renthal handlebars, and a Lucas taillight. 

Are there any other Triumphs in major movies?

The Triumph Scrambler like the bike in Jurassic World was also in No Time to Die.
A Triumph Scrambler like James Bond’s in No Time to Die | John Keeble, Getty Images

Triumph has been working hard to get its bikes into recent movies. You may remember henchmen riding matte black Triumph Thruxton Rs in Marvel’s Ant-Man and the Wasp. Even more recently, everyone’s favorite superspy James Bond rode a Triumph Scrambler in No Time to Die. Between James Bond, Marvel films, and the Jurassic World franchise, viewers are noticing Triumph. 

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