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No, you can’t go to a theme park to see real dinosaurs cloned from prehistoric mosquito blood and frog DNA. But you can buy a Jurassic Park Jeep Wrangler tribute with the same paint job as the ones from the movie. And it might not be as expensive as you imagine. 

Here’s how much a Jurassic Park Jeep tribute sold for on Bring a Trailer

A Jurassic Park Jeep tribute sits on display at a car show.
Jurassic Park Jeep Replica |

A 2001 Jeep Wrangler with a Jurassic Park paint job sold at auction two years ago – it closed at just over $13,000.

Bring A Trailer – known as one of the top collector and enthusiast car auction websites – hosted the auction in summer of 2021. The listing shows a Wrangler Sahara that has been modified from its stock form with red wheels, wire headlamp covers, fog lights, and of course the movie’s signature gray and red paint scheme. It’s a convincing homage to the movie cars, but it isn’t identical. 

The original Jurassic Park Jeeps from the movie were Wranglers from the YJ generation – the newest models at the time of production. It’s easy to identify YJ-era Wranglers with their square headlamps and relatively small stature. The Bring A Trailer shows a Wrangler TJ with a paint job. Jeep introduced the TJ Wrangler for the 1997 model year with a wide range of changes such as switching back to round headlights.

So it isn’t a true Jurassic Park Jeep – but it’s certainly a fun tribute and likely a great compelling conversation piece at car shows. Perhaps that’s why the auction price stopped at $13,100 at and didn’t reach as high as other Wrangler listings. 

Jeep Wranglers typically have high resale value 

The Jeep Wrangler is consistently ranked among top resale models. 

The nameplate has been synonymous with good resale value for years. It offers a unique package that went largely unchallenged until the reintroduction of the Ford Bronco in 2021. As a result of its unique design and fervent fanbase, used Wranglers have typically commanded high prices. 

Bring A Trailer’s pricing plot graph for the Wrangler TJ shows auction prices clustered above $20,000. Outliers are as low as $10,000 and as high as $60,000. That places our Jurassic Park Jeep listing near the bottom end of the pricing spectrum. 

Is a Jurassic Park Jeep tribute worth it?

A Wrangler tribute to the Jurassic Park movie Jeep is an accessible, inexpensive way to conjoin automotive culture with movie fandom. Both the Jeep owners community and the Jurassic Park fandom are strong groups. Bringing them together is a no brainer. But whether you want to buy a dino-fied Jeep or just a regular Wrangler depends on how devoted you are to Spielberg’s film franchise. If you do choose the Jurassic option, you can feel confident knowing decent deals are out there. 


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