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Ferrari and its parent company Exor will start a partnership with Jony Ive and Marc Newson. If the name “Jony Ive” sounds familiar to you, then there is a good chance you are a fan of Apple products. Jony Ive was the lead designer for Apple’s most popular tech, including the Apple Watch and iPhone.

Ive eventually broke away from Apple and started his own design collective with his partner Newson. Their design company is called LoveFrom and comprises designers, architects, writers, engineers, and artists with bases in London and California.

Jony Ive will work on various projects within Exor

Ferrari SF90 seen driving down a road. Former Apple designer Jony Ive may design a similar car due to his new partnership with the brand
Ferrari SF90 | Ferrari

LoveFrom will work on “a range of creative projects with Exor in the business of luxury,” the companies said in a combined statement. Ferrari will be a significant part of the partnership. Besides Ferrari, Exor has several luxury brands under its umbrella, including Christian Louboutin and Hermès.

According to a report from Reuters, a Ferrari representative stated that Ive and Newson will have a wide influence. The pair of designers may work on future Ferrari vehicles and in other areas.

Before this announcement, it was rumored that Jony Ive might be tapped to be the new CEO of Ferrari after Louis Camilleri stepped down recently. Ultimately, Benedetto Vigna was chosen to fill the role. Like Ive, Vigna also has a background in tech and was likely selected by Ferrari to help lead the company into eventually developing EV supercars.

Though, with Ive working so closely with the brand and its parent company in a multi-year deal, there might be a possibility that Ferrari will bring the designer in-house in the future.

Will Jony Ive work on the Apple Car?

Former Apple Senior Vice President of Design, Jony Ive will be working with Ferrari as part of a multi-year partnership
Jony Ive | Apple YouTube channel

It has been rumored for years, long before Ive left, that Apple has ambitions on producing a car. In recent years, the tech giant has made some eyebrow-raising moves to suggest that those rumors might be true. For starters, Apple allegedly hired over 1,000 automotive experts in 2014 to work on something called “Project Titan.” Apple didn’t confirm the existence of the project, but they didn’t deny it either. Apple could easily refute the talk of an EV on the horizon, so the fact that the brand has never done it is telling.

It is unclear exactly what type of car Apple may be interested in building, but it would probably be a far cry from something as exotic as a Ferrari. Conventional wisdom suggests that the Apple car will be an electric vehicle with autonomous capabilities. We know this because it was found that Apple filed with federal and state agencies to test autonomous vehicles on public streets in California.

A renowned scientist known for revolutionizing the battery technology found in most EVs today commented that if Apple were to reveal their own car, it is likely that the announcement would happen at some point this year.

We think it is safe to assume that if Jony Ive stayed with smartphone maker, he likely would have been the lead designer for the Apple car project. Ive is a bit of a gearhead and even serves as a jury member for car show events at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Will Jony Ive’s minimalist, sleek style somehow make its way into future Ferrari electric vehicles? We will have to wait a few years to find out, but it seems more than likely.


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