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Lexus is one of the best luxury automakers out there, but some drivers don’t think Lexus is luxurious enough. For example, the 2022 Lexus RX is a great car, but some customers desire a more prestigious option or upgrade to the SUV model. That’s exactly why Lexus created the Black Line series, and the 2022 Lexus RXL will soon have access to that Black Line upgrade. 

The Black Line series

The 2022 Lexus RXL SUV Black Line model promotional shot
2022 Lexus RXL Black Line | Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc

Lexus has a great reputation for many reasons, such as being highly reliable and extremely safe. However, one thing that Lexus usually doesn’t score the highest on is luxury. Please make no mistake, Lexus is a luxury brand, and its cars are quite luxurious as is. However, compared to its competitors, Lexus usually gets beat in terms of luxury.

That’s why Lexus created the Black Line series for a select few Lexus models to spice things up a bit. The Black Line series provides various luxury upgrades to the cars, and there’s some variation depending on the model. On top of that, the Black Line series is technically a special edition, and Lexus is only building a few of them per model, making them exclusive. 

The regular RX was one of a handful of models that received a Black Line upgrade. Other models which received that honor included the UX, the NX, and the ES. However, according to Lexus, the RXL will now also be getting a Black Line upgrade.

What will the 2022 Lexus RXL Black Line have?

Off the bat, as Lexus wrote, the RXL Black Line will be a pretty rare car, as just under 500 units will be produced. Furthermore, like other optional trims, the RXL Black Line will be more expensive than before. Lexus said that the RX 350L Black Line would start at about $52,000, while the RX 450hL will start at about $55,000. For comparison, the regular RX 450hL starts at about $51,000.

For that price point, customers will get a few new things from their Lexus. For example, the RXL Black Line will have access to an all-new exterior color, Cloudburst Gray, according to Lexus. Furthermore, the RXL Black Line will live up to its name, as the Black Line series will provide many upgrades in black. Those upgrades include things like 20-inch black wheels, a black grille, and black lug nuts, among many other things.

Lexus did something similar inside the cabin. Lexus wrote that the RXL Black Line would have Black NuLuxe seats in the first two rows and unique stitching on the interior. Other parts of the RXL Black Line will also be in black, including the floor mat, the cargo mat, and more.

How the Lexus RXL fits into the lineup 

The fact that the RXL joined the Black Line club isn’t too surprising. After all, the RXL is just the bigger version of the RX, and the RX was already part of that club. However, this addition to the Black Line series is great for the RX and Lexus, as the RX is one of the brand’s best cars.

The RX routinely gets a lot of praise from customers and critics, so by giving customers a brand-new luxury upgrade, customers can get even more from their Lexus. However, not everybody needs a special edition of a Lexus that costs $55,000. As such, Lexus has plenty of more affordable luxury options, such as the Lexus UX. It’s a smaller SUV, but at around $33,000, it’s still a pretty affordable Lexus.


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