John Deere Riding Mowers Dominates the Top of Consumer Reports List

Properly maintaining a lawn is an integral part of land ownership that comes with its own set of difficult decisions to make. One such task is deciding on a quality lawn mower that fits the needs of your lawn. For example, those with sizeable lawns may be best off with a riding lawn mower rather than a standard push mower.

Fortunately, with riding mowers, choosing a brand isn’t difficult, as John Deere riding mowers consistently ranked at the top in several categories, including reliability and owner satisfaction.

A riding mower is a significant investment

A green John Deere Riding Mower with others behind it.
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Investing in a riding mower may seem daunting at first, but depending on the size and layout of your lawn, the right mower can save a significant amount of time and effort. Consumer Reports recommends riding mowers for properties of one-half acre or larger.

Choosing to purchase a riding mower comes with several benefits over a push mower. Perhaps the most considerable advantage is that a riding mower will cut grass faster than a push mower. The bigger the lawn, the more time the riding mower will save you. Another reason to invest in a riding mower is that the physical requirements to operate a riding mower are much less demanding compared to a push mower. In fact, running a riding mower only requires you to sit in a seat, steer, and let the mower do its job.

If you’ve decided a riding mower suits your needs best, it’s time to choose a mower. Like purchasing a car or truck, choosing the right riding mower comes down to several important factors, including price, quality, support, and personal taste. For many people, going with a John Deere lawn mower proves to be a quality purchase.

What John Deere mowers are at the top?

According to the Consumer Reports rankings of riding lawn mowers, John Deere is among the best brands you can buy in this category. Among the top 20 riding mowers, John Deere appears at seven spots. In addition, not only are seven spots on this list occupied by John Deere lawn tractors, but they all appear in the upper half of the rankings, including the first six spots.

Ranking in at number 1 on the list of best riding mowers is the John Deere X354, with a very high score. The X354 is praised for its reliability and owner satisfaction. Digging deeper into the test results performed by Consumer Reports, the X354 earned perfect scores in side-discharging, mulching, bagging, evenness, and handling.

Following the X354 are the John Deere X350-42, S240-48, S170, S120, and S140. These mowers brought in impressive total scores. Each of these tractors brought in perfect scores on reliability and owner satisfaction.

John Deere’s reputable history

John Deere has a strong reputation amongst homeowners and farmers for the quality of their products. John Deere is known for shipping reliable and proven equipment from consumer mowers to heavy-duty agricultural machines.

The company’s outstanding reputation comes from building trust with its customers since they were founded back in 1837. However, it had recently taken a hit when the company began making it harder for equipment owners to repair their products on their own without seeing an official John Deere technician. The company’s stance on repair has been the spark that ignited the Right to Repair movement, which strives to force manufacturers to make repair parts ready and available for all consumers.

Despite the controversy surrounding the Right to Repair, John Deere’s mowers, tractors, and other farm equipment remain the brand to beat.

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