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Joe Rogan isn’t a stranger to the world of Tesla. After being vocal in his disinterest in Tesla cars and other electric vehicles, Rogan decided to buy one after Tesla CEO Elon Musk agreed to be a guest on his podcast. Soon after, his opinion changed. He became a loud advocate for EVs, calling them the future of the auto industry.

Even the biggest fan of Tesla cars can admit that its new Cybertruck is a little…off. Its futuristic and ahead-of-its-time appearance is already turning people away from it. Not Joe Rogan, however. He recently had Matt Farah, from TheSmokingTire YouTube channel, on his podcast and the pair discussed their differing opinions on the Cybertruck.

What’s the scoop on the Tesla Cybertruck?

Tesla’s latest headline-grabber is its Cybertruck. Musk unveiled the pickup truck at an event in November and it hasn’t got off of people’s radars since, which is saying something. While the truck has all the power as its competitors and all the bells and whistles as its Tesla car counterparts, its appearance has people hesitating to jump onboard.

The latest news about the Cybertruck came when consumers noticed a change in the production date of the single-motor trim option. The three models of the Cybertruck — the tri-motor, dual-motor, and single motor – were all slotted to hit the production line in late 2021. The single motor model now has a date of late 2022.

If the Cybertruck is already seeing a delay of an entire year, can we really expect to see any of them in a year from now? Joe Rogan’s recent guest, Matt Farah, doesn’t think so.

A $100 deposit is all you need to invest in the Cybertruck

Rogan and Farah discussed the system Tesla set up for people to “invest” in the Cybertruck. According to Farah, consumers need to send a $100 deposit in order to reserve their preferred model of the new pickup.

Farah points out that people are jumping at the opportunity to reserve the truck before any safety testing has been done on it, so we don’t even know if it will be drivable yet. Additionally, they discuss the fact that they’re likely to get more people to contribute $100 rather than the $50,000 buy-in for the Tesla Roadster.

What does Joe Rogan think about all of this Cybertruck business?

In the midst of his podcast episode with Farah, Rogan tells him to ask whether or not Rogan plans to buy the new Cybertruck, which Rogan responds excitedly that he does plan to.

Ever since jumping on the Tesla train, Rogan has been an avid supporter of EVs, saying that they’re the biggest future for cars and for the environment. The Cybertruck’s appearance doesn’t deter him at all. He calls it “a dope-looking car” and says that he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks.

Now, will Rogan be one of the many to send in a $100 deposit to reserve the Cybertruck? It doesn’t sound like it. He agrees ends up agreeing with Farah that it’s a little on the shady side to see a company with so much money rely so heavily on average people to invest in a truck that they haven’t provided proof to back up the claim that it will be on the road in the next couple of years.

While the Cybertruck certainly gives auto-lovers a lot to talk about — and that does seem to be part of the reason behind its unique design — time will tell if Tesla will really be able to get it up and running in the time they’ve said they would. They have plenty of supporters, Joe Rogan included, so we hope to see more from them soon.