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Former jet ski champion Franky Zapata likes going the fastest, be it land, air, or sea. And with very little protection. The jet skier turned inventor, has come up with a flying car as another go-fast way to simulate jet-skiing, but this time with a flying car. He has come up with the JetRacer, a gas-powered deckchair of sorts. A beach deckchair. With 10 micro-turbo jet engines. Yeah, we know.

How fast will the JetRacer flying car go?

Zapata JetRacer
Zapata JetRacer | Zapata

So Zapata’s flying deckchair can reach speeds of over 150 mph. You get a front-row chair to view everything below, with great maneuverability and speed. Short range is the only downside to flying the JetRacer.

The remote control is also part of the package. Not that anyone purchasing the JetRacer would buy it for that. But it can blitz you to almost two miles above the earth’s surface, with a weight capacity of over 400 lbs. 

The JetRacer has military applications

Zapata JetRacer
Zapata JetRacer | Zapata

And the JetRacer isn’t just for pleasure seekers wanting a flying car, it has military value. It can fly in strong winds, go down into steep terrain, and autonomously carry materials or components to military forces on the ground. Its chassis is both lightweight and modular. 

The JetRacer falls on the heels of Zapata’s Flyboard Air. It is like a platform that you stand on. It has an “advanced stabilization system” with redundant propulsion systems in case of failures. If two engines go out, the pilot can still perform a controlled landing. It can travel at speeds over 125 mph, with a range of 10 minutes. 

Five turbo-jet engines power the Flyboard. Zapata claims much of the same hype for the Flyboard as he does the JetRacer. As of now, Zapata is the only person to have taken the Flyboard for a ride. It would seem that his attention has shifted over to the JetRacer, though we’d like to see him develop both as they possess different functions and capabilities.  

Does the JetRacer flying car have redundant systems?

Zapata JetRacer
Zapata JetRacer | Zapata

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As to the JetRacer, let’s say two of the turbojet engines konk out. Does one come crashing back down to earth? The JetRacer can easily be returned to its base without incident. The pilot is always informed of the JetRacer’s performance as it monitors controls, fuel, and power. There is also redundant electrical control and steering assist when needed. 

Looking at the YouTube video, flying it looks effortless and smooth. The stunts also seem easy to engage in. And takeoff and landing also look to be quite simple. Granted, we’re looking at this being piloted by the designer, but at least for the video of the Jetracer in flight, it all looks rather seamless and simple to fly.

Now, if you’re in the U.S., you can participate in flight tests. If you dare. Those helping Zapata develop the JetRacer are compiling a list of those interested in flying some flying cars. Or at least this one. Zapata will select around 100 people. The controls to fly the JetRacer will ultimately be given to 25 people. Of course, there will be folks on the ground assisting you in your flight.