Jeep Wrangler Forums Are Mad About Broncos

Jeep Wrangler forums are mad about Broncos, and not in a good way. That’s because the new Ford rival is showing up in their forums and Facebook groups. Wrangler owners are making it abundantly clear they don’t like seeing images and info about Broncos. Perusing the forums the Bronco has been a much-posted subject. But now Wrangler owners are expressing their anger at seeing them instead of their beloved Wranglers.

“You need to go post that on a Bronco page and stay there this is a Jeep page,” one forum poster said. “For the love of God and all that is holy, yes, Ford is coming back with the Bronco, and if you love it that much, join a Bronco page, but stop posting them all over every Jeep page,” was another comment. Are you getting the feeling Jeep owners aren’t happy about seeing Broncos?

Group admins are being asked to remove Bronco material

Bronco meme from Wrangler forum

Some forum members are asking group administrators to filter out the Bronco-related posts. One suggestion was, “Locate the person posting it. Learn their routine. Sneak into their garage in the middle of the night and swap out their Jeep for a Prius.” At least some have a sense of humor. “I love the memes,” he said. “If you can’t make fun of yourself then you aren’t a real enthusiast. That goes in any car community, not just this one.” Yes, that’s true.

This same poster told Business Insider he gets what the Bronco is about.  He said the Bronco has better powertrain options, mirrors that remain on the vehicle after the doors are removed, modular roof options, and a lot of other features that Jeep owners would like to see.

“Ford did its homework and came out swinging”

The all-new Bronco Sport is available with an interior bike rack that lets adventurers transport two 27.5-inch bikes inside the vehicle. (Pre-production vehicle pictured.)

“I love the new Bronco,” he said. “There’s lots to be envious of. Ford did its homework and came out swinging. It wanted the top spot and I think it’s really thought of everything that was needed to grab that spot away from Jeep. They took the Wrangler, listened to owner complaints and wishes, and built those into the new Bronco.”

Will the Bronco affect Jeep sales? “Yes, I think Jeep will lose a lot of owners to the Bronco. We had no choice before. We have a really good alternative now.” Ford must be loving that. 

A dealership in Phoenix said it already has more than 500 deposits

overhead light blue 2021 Ford Bronco with front roof removed bombing through the desert
Light Blue 2021 Ford Bronco

The Ford Bronco vs. Jeep Wrangler Beef Is Just Beginning

Whether former Jeep owners or not, from all indications the Bronco has already been huge for Ford. Though Ford isn’t talking about its pre-orders, a dealership in Phoenix said it already has more than 500 deposits.

Then there’s the “Jeep Wave,” the exclusive sign Jeep owners flash at each other. Some Wrangler owners are proclaiming they won’t offer the wave to Broncos in the wild. Instead, they say they have another sign for them but we won’t go there. Others, let’s say the more grounded fans, say they will. 

However you feel, competition is great for consumers. Already Jeep is countering with the announcement it will make available larger V8s and other new features. Maybe those Jeep owners should be thanking Bronco?