Jeep Wrangler Fans Want These Ford Bronco Features the Most

With all the excitement for the new Ford Bronco coming, people are drooling over the features it promises to bring. Even Jeep Wrangler fans are taking note of which ones they wish they could get with their off-road vehicles. 

The Jeep Wrangler forums, where many Wrangler owners hang out, have a post showing just what features they would add to their vehicles if given the chance. Some of the items listed are not likely to show up in a future Jeep redesign, but something similar might please fans. Let’s take a look at what some owners reported would be on their wish list. 

The exterior features Jeep fans would like to see

One of the most popular features Jeep owners stated they would like to have on their Wranglers is the ability to remove the top in pieces. One user listed a three-section hardtop as a desired feature. Jeep enthusiasts will know that the automaker has had a three-piece removable roof available for years. But some consumers might like that the 2021 Ford Bronco is more modular than the Wrangler and can be reconfigured in multiple ways. 

Another external feature that garnered some attention from Jeep owners is the location of the side mirrors. Ford installs them on the body and not on the door. When the doors come off the Bronco, the side mirrors are still there to use, unlike the Wrangler. 

The Bronco also hit a bit of a jealous nerve in some Jeep owners. It offers standard LED lights; the Jeep Wrangler does not. The fact that the LED lights would last a lot longer than incandescent puts it on the wish list for Wrangler owners. 

Bronco’s interior features that Jeep Wrangler drivers wish for

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One of the most common areas where the Ford Bronco differs from the Jeep Wrangler is the flooring. You can opt for rubber flooring in the Bronco. It comes with drain plugs that will remove water easily from the vehicle and keep it clean, which only some Jeep Wrangler models offer. By the same token, there are water-resistant controls and seats as well.

Another interesting feature Ford implemented that Fiat-Chrysler hasn’t is the mounting bar on top of the dashboard. This option allows you to mount a camera or phone to record your adventures off-roading. Also, the Bronco has power installed near the bracket so you don’t have to worry about cords dangling down in front of the dash. 

Jeep fans also thought the bike rack, located on the Ford Bronco, would be a useful feature for some drivers. Of course, the rack option is only available on the Sport version, but still, it found its way to the Wrangler wish list. 

Which Bronco package did fans want the most on their Jeeps?

Out of all the available packages, the most popular one is the Ford Bronco Sasquatch. These Jeep owners wish they had the option to add it to their Jeeps, or at least parts of it. One of the most favored pieces from it is the 35-inch mud tires the Bronco has standard. 

They also wish they had the locking front and rear axles, the additional clearance for suspension, and the premium-quality Bilstein shocks. The Bronco offers the Sasquatch package as an option on all their models, including the base. The only exception is the Wildtrak trim, which offers the package as standard. 

Jeep Wrangler owners still love their vehicles, but they know they could make their purchases even better with a few features from the Bronco. While Fiat-Chrysler has no plans to compete yet, it could be in the cards for the future, considering the Bronco promises to blast its way to the top when it comes out.