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Jeep’s resurrected Wagoneer and Toyota’s third-generation Sequoia have a lot in common. Both automakers revealed their all-new SUVs in 2022. Buth full-size, truck-based SUVs feature a third row of seating. You can order them with a powerful and efficient new six-cylinder engine. And both vehicles start at just under $59k. Here’s which entry-level SUV offers more value.

Powertrain: The entry-level Sequoia offers more value

The Jeep-built Wagoneer starts at $58,995. For this price, you get a Wagoneer Series I. The entry-level SUV only comes with a 5.7-liter HEMI V8 engine. Some buyers may prefer this tried-and-true rumbling V8, and reviewers note that it has plenty of power (392 horsepower and 404 lb-ft of torque) to make acceleration effortless.

Red Toyota Sequoia SUV showing off its higher towing capacity than the entry-level Jeep Wagoneer Series I by pulling a boat down a country road.
2023 Toyota Sequoia Limited | Toyota

But Jeep is also offering an all-new twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter I6 in the Wagoneer. It claims this next-generation engine makes more power than the Hemi while sipping 15% less fuel (420 horsepower and 468 lb-ft of torque to be exact). But you’ll need to spend $65k on the Wagoneer Series II to get this engine.

Toyota shocked the automotive world when it announced that every 2023 Sequoia would ship with its new i-FORCE MAX hybrid powertrain. The Sequoia has a 3.44-liter twin-turbocharged V6 paired with a 184 lb-ft electric motor/generator, and 10-speed transmission.

When you tap the Sequoia’s brakes, this motor/generator charges the 1.87 kWh nickel battery under the back seat. Then when you hit the gas, the Sequoia accelerates up to 18 mph before even firing up the V6. The i-FORCE MAX makes 437 horsepower and 583 lb-ft of torque.

Here’s what makes the Toyota Sequoia a good deal.

Features: The base model Jeep Wagoneer is fully loaded

The entry-level Toyota Sequoia is the SR5. It comes with 18-inch alloy wheels, a power tilt/slide moonroof, and an 8-inch multimedia touch screen. Toyota reserves its segment-leading 14-inch touchscreen for the Sequoia Limited trim. Even with the Limited trim, its 14-speaker JBL premium audio system is an upsell.

Jeep Wagoneer SUV navigating off-road terrain on a 4x4 trail.
2023 Wagoneer | Stellantis

If you want rear seat and cargo area 120-volt A/C power outlets to tap into the Sequoia SR5’s hybrid battery, that’s also an upsell. Toyota’s premium “SofTex” trimmed seats and a heated steering wheel come at an extra cost. Ventilated seats or leather-trimmed seats are not even an option. That said, the SR5’s entry-level front seats are heated.

Jeep‘s Wagoneer sub-brand made a splash with its six-figure Grand Wagoneer Series III. While the top-trim Wagoneer SUV offers opulent luxury, the entry-level Wagoneer Series I is a loaded SUV in its own right. It offers automatic, dual-zone climate control–including separate rear seat controls. Like the Ram trucks, it has power adjustable pedals and steering wheel.

Unlike the Sequoia, the entry-level Wagoneer features three 120-volt outlets and rear window shades. It also has heated and ventilated seats–both front and rear. Reviewers say that even the entry-level Wagoneer feels like a fully-loaded luxury SUV.

Learn more about the features of the entry-level Jeep Wagoneer.

Add-ons: Towing and 4WD

You can order either a 2023 Toyota Sequoia SR5 or a Wagoneer Series I for $58k and change. But for both SUVs, 4WD costs a bit more.

2023 Wagoneer L with the Carbide appearance package tows an Airstream RV up a steep hill, trees visible in the background.
2023 Wagoneer L Carbide | Stellantis

Upgrading your 2023 Sequoia from 2WD to 4WD will bump its price from $58,300 to $61,300. Upgrading your 2023 Wagoneer from 2WD to 4WD will increase its MSRP from $58,995 to $61,995.

The 2023 Sequoia’s maximum tow rating is an impressive 9,520 pounds. The entry-level SR5 2WD offers that full 9,520-pound capacity. The 4WD version only has a 9,120-pound towing capacity. Some of the heavier, higher trim levels have a towing capacity below 9,000 pounds.

The expensive Grand Wagoneer can tow up to 9,850 pounds. But the entry-level Wagoneer’s maximum towing capacity is 8,790 pounds. The 4WD version can only pull 7,170 pounds.

The 2023 Toyota Sequoia shares a solid rear axle with the Tundra pickup truck. Jeep upgraded Ram’s solid rear axle chassis to independent rear suspension to build the 2023 Wagoneer. While the Wagoneer may offer a smoother ride in most situations, drivers doing a lot of towing may actually prefer the Sequoia’s stability.

Note that Toyota slaps a $1,495 destination charge onto the MSRP of its 2023 Sequoia. Jeep hits its Wagoneer SUV with a $2,000 destination charge.

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