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The Jeep Wagoneer S is an upcoming electric SUV from Stellantis’ brand Jeep. Jeep is known for producing some of the best off-road SUVs in the industry. Is the Wagoneer S a Rivian R1S killer?

The Rivian R1S is no pushover

Rivian has made a name for itself by producing America’s first electric truck. The electric vehicle startup initially had the support of both Ford Motor Company and Amazon. It had a historic IPO because of the value it offers as a brand in the years to come.

Rivian’s R1T electric pickup truck opened up a whole new world of possibilities for electric vehicles. The R1T Launch Edition proved that EVs could be even more capable than gas-powered models. The Rivian R1S is the automaker’s first SUV model.

The Rivain R1S starts at $78,000. Rivian recently axed the Explore trim option for both the R1T and R1S. The R1S may be much more expensive than most SUVs its size, but it offers plenty of power and incredible off-roading capability.

The R1S has a max power output of 835 horses and 908 lb-ft of torque. This makes the electric SUV easily one of the most powerful SUVs on the market. MotorTrend claims the electric SUV has a whopping 14.5 inches of ground clearance. It has enough ground clearance to easily clear basic off-road obstacles. Rivian’s electric SUV isn’t affordable enough for most Americans, but the drivers who can afford it enjoy a unique driving experience that few competitors can offer.

The Jeep Wagoneer S is coming for the Rivian R1S’ target audience

A black Jeep Wagoneer S fully-electric full-size SUV is parked.
The Jeep Wagoneer S | Jeep

Jeep recently introduced the Wagoneer S as a part of the automaker’s 4xe Day event. Jeep 4xe day showcases some of the most exciting fully-electric upcoming Jeep releases. The Wagoneer S is a midsize SUV that draws inspiration from the popular Wagoneer nameplate.

The Jeep Wagoneer S can go from 0-60 miles per hour in about 3.5 seconds. It can produce up to 600 horses. The electric SUV will have a maximum driving range of 400 miles. That’s incredible driving range by current industry standards.

The Wagoneer S probably won’t be as quick or powerful as the Rivian R1s, but it shouldn’t be as expensive either. The 2022 Jeep Wagoneer starts at $58,995. Expect the Wagooner S electric SUV to be significantly more expensive.

The Jeep Wagoneer S will be an impactful electric SUV

The Jeep Wagoneer S electric SUV will be an extremely impactful model for Jeep. The Wagoneer S has an important role to play in the automaker’s lineup. Like the 2024 Jeep Recon, the Wagoneer S will help usher Jeep into the electric future. The Wagoneer S may not be as quick or as powerful as the Rivian R1S, but it could still be a real competitor from a sales perspective if it’s more affordable.

Read more about the upcoming small electric SUV, the Jeep Recon, in the next article below.


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