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Jeep’s yearly Easter Safari at Moab also brings yearly concepts. The Jeep Moab tease drops have begun, with images of two of its concepts heading to the 2023 event. The automaker usually has more than two SUVs to present, but these two are the first chosen to pique enthusiasts’ interest. This year is the 57th annual Easter Jeep Safari, hosted by the Red Rock 4-Wheelers club. 

Does this 2023 Jeep concept have a step-side bed?

2023 Jeep tease
Teaser image of 2023 Jeep Easter Safari concept | Stellantis

First up is the lime green image showing a two-door Wrangler with what looks like an integrated Targa-like hoop just behind the doors. It ties into a finished cap placed on top of the body that looks to continue around to the Targa rollbar on the other side. Also, note that the doorless entry is finished off, with no hinges or offsets in the jamb. 

But the interesting part is the rear-quarter and fender location. The body pulls inward toward the Wrangler’s centerline, mirroring the fender shape. So the fender is wide, to allow it to attach into this dished-in area. In some ways, it is like a stylized step-side truck. 

It almost seems like the fender would be attached to the axle and articulate within the recessed quarter panel, but there isn’t enough room for that. So it is just a styling feature, a feature that looks to be a dirt trap in real use. Still, we like the look. 

Is this Jeep concept just an Unlimited Rubicon?

2023 Jeep teaser
Teaser image of 2023 Jeep Easter Safari concept | Stellantis

The second image looks to start with a production Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon. It now features tubing doors hinged in stock locations. But the interesting part is barely visible. 

At the C-pillar, just behind the rear door, is more tubing that looks like some kind of rack. It might be shaped to change the top profile while offering some reason to attach a slide-out kitchen or other themed placement inside the cargo area. Because the Jeep Performance Parts logo is part of the image, whatever the rack is will surely be a new entré in Jeep’s parts offerings. We’ll have to wait and see what lurks behind those rear seats. 

How many new concepts is Jeep bringing to Moab?

2022 Jeep concept
2022 Jeep Easter Safari D-Coder concept | Stellantis

Jeep says it won’t be bringing back previous concepts, and that these 2023 Moab concepts are an “entirely new collection.” It also says that one of the new concepts shown now will be electrified as it goes off-road “in absolute silence.” As everything everywhere is going electric in the auto world, this gives Jeep a lead to start pushing that narrative. 

2022 Jeep concept
2022 Jeep Easter Safari Magneto concept | Stellantis

Last year Jeep offered a range of concepts. And with the range of models and options, not to mention dealer markups, Jeep is showing it remains as popular as ever. To that end, it appears not to be slowing down any. 

The 2023 Easter Jeep Safari runs from April 1 to April 9, leaving Moab each day. Bring your sunscreen and layered clothing as the weather around Moab can change quickly.


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